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The Changing Small Business World In 2014

2014The new year signals the time for change. As your business looks to grow, consider the implications of new technology, specifically mobile devices. Create a solid structure with secure communication lines to make your business’€™ content available to the mobile user.

Entering the World of the Cloud

If you haven’€™t transitioned to the cloud, then you should make that switch immediately. Utilizing cloud computing and storage is a key component for any businesses as digital offices are on the rise, mobile technology advances, and BYOD workplaces increase.

Avoid the hassle of setting up local storage that needs constant management, security measures, and space that your business can’€™t afford. Instead let a major cloud provider protect your business’€™ sensitive information while allowing employees the chance to work from anywhere.

Cloud storage enables working professionals to access information from their mobile devices. This increases the possibility of better work productivity and customer service. The mobile world we live in calls for customer service 24/7. When clients live all over the United States and internationally, they want questions answered immediately.

Transitioning into the Mobile Work Place

Apple and Google continue to lead the push for further mobile technology development. Smartphones and tablets are becoming more sophisticated and they feature almost replicate the functions of a laptop or desktop computer at work.

Mobile app developers recognize the opportunity for apps specifically targeting the enterprise. These apps specifically focus on tracking work productivity and providing same access and functions as computers in the work place. As mobile pushes forward, why limit your working professionals?

Tablets, Phablets, and Mobility

Smartphones and tablets evolve further each year. Rumors of advanced technology, larger screen sizes, and hybrid tablets should impact the business scene immediately. Rather than quickly investing in laptops, PCs, and Mac computers for your employees, either consider a Bring Your Own Device environment or newer tablets.

With detachable keyboards for tablets and rumored larger screens (maybe 12 inches), these could take the place of larger, bulkier hardware. Even smartphone screen sizes are increasing to unheard of sizes close to 6 inches. Smartphones are now being labeled phablets.

Mobile technology is essential for staying competitive in a fierce digital market today. Soon with the help of Apple’s iBeacon and Bluetooth Low Energy, the whole marketing world will be thrown another devastating curveball. When in grocery stores, smartphones will you use your location to detect where products are placed in aisles while sending promotions, deals, and sales for that specific product. To improve sales and customer satisfaction, small businesses must make their products/services more marketable to the mobile user.

Master the Budget with Scalable Communications

When looking to start a small business or restructure business communications, it’€™s important to know the value of fast and secure internet and phone services. As you set up the communication lines for your business, don’€™t make things messy or complicated. Instead of establishing a separate network and infrastructure for data and voice, combine those services over the same line with VoIP.

Managing one communications network instead of two, saves substantial money in the business budget. The key to success in business is not only saving every dollars, pennies and dimes, but consolidating communication in one service. If interested in VoIP, maybe explore more of the convenience and benefits available at When running voice lines over internet you can conduct multi-line conference calls and have more flexibility with voice calls.

Also, due other scalable capabilities with VoIP, it’s adjustable to almost any business size to save entrepreneurs money.

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  1. Stephan

    January 16, 2014 at 2:38 am

    Nice prediction
    2014 we will see a lot of new changes. I think Tablets and Mobile phones will take the thrones from PC and Laptop, open a new age of technology.
    thanks for your sharing,


  2. Kevin Davis

    May 12, 2014 at 7:03 pm

    I think mobile gets over looked far too often. I’ve definitely passed over business and gone with the competitor that had the better mobile site. Especially with QR codes becoming so popular.

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