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The Best Background Music for Hotels to Consider

No matter what industry you’re in, there’s a high chance that you would want to use music in some way or another. Music is known for its ability to relax the mind and enhance moods. Since entertainment is important for creating positive impressions on customers, having background music in your hotel could help improve the quality of your service.

However, if somebody wanted something more active than sitting still, they could probably head down to one of Singapore’s many hotels. However, listening to classical music or pop songs may not be the most relaxing thing for staying at a hotel. This is why some establishments have begun using different background music options to help guests relax while they’re away from home. Here are top best background music for hotels:

1. Baroque Classics

Baroque classical is one of the most popular forms of classical music mainly because it has great diversity. While baroque often gets lumped together with other classical eras, it does have many unique qualities that make it suitable for relaxation purposes, including its ornamentation techniques and major themes surrounding love and life.

2. Spa Music

Soft spa music is relaxing by nature since it is designed to help people unwind. It’s often instrumental with meditative vocals meant to induce relaxation through its peaceful melodies.

3. New Age Music

New-age music was originally designed to provide an alternative form of entertainment suitable for playing at spas or health centers where relaxation would be a priority over more typical forms of entertainment. New-age musicians experiment with sounds and instruments that are not typical for popular music while avoiding anything modern.

4. Jazz / Bossa Nova

Jazz has gained popularity over time because no two songs sound alike since each artist brings their unique style to the genre. While jazz does tend to be more improvisational than other genres, certain standards help unify different styles together, including chord progressions, scales, solos, etc.

5. World Music

World music consists of various forms of folk music that are often used in ceremonial or religious contexts. These melodies have been passed down from generation to generation by oral tradition. While some would argue that not all forms of music labeled as world music fit the definition, there are still several artists who make unique music spread across many different genres and cultures worldwide.

6. Orchestral Music

Orchestral music is inspired by symphony orchestras that rely on heavy string arrangements and sweeping solos that aim to produce beautiful melodies through a wide range of instruments ranging from violins to bassoons. While some may find certain types of orchestral music, such as classical or film music, to be dry, many performers in the industry infuse their orchestrations with various musical styles, including soul, folk, and even rock.

A hotel’s ambiance is often defined by the music it plays. From energetic to serene and soothing, different types of sounds can be used to set a mood for any type of traveler or customer; if you’re looking to find background music for your hotel in Singapore, the above tips on what might work best dependably on the demographic you serve.

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