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The Benefits of Hiring Live Patrol Services Along With CCTV Camera Installation

So, when considering CCTV camera installation, remember that adding live patrol services can be a wise investment.

Certainly, your decision to invest in a CCTV camera installation to secure your premises is wise. However, have you ever considered what would happen if something unexpected were to occur within your building or on the premises? Who would take immediate action to ensure its safety? As a site owner or resident, your concerns about potential theft, fire, or unexpected losses are entirely valid. However, rather than simply accepting the risk, wouldn’t you prefer to eliminate the loss and the other consequences of the risk?

Hence, It’s time to reevaluate your strategy and seriously consider the advantages of enlisting live patrol services to safeguard your property. While CCTV cameras are excellent at capturing events, live patrol services can offer additional assistance in many ways. Here are five reasons to consider hiring live patrol services during CCTV camera installation.

Real-Time Response to Security Threats

CCTV camera installation is a modern necessity because cameras are required to record incidents and use recorded videos as proof. However, they cannot intervene and respond in real-time. Live patrol services bridge this gap by offering immediate response capabilities. Trained security personnel can react swiftly to security breaches, preventing potential theft, vandalism, or unauthorized access. This rapid response can make all the difference in minimizing damage and maintaining a secure environment.

Deterrence Factor

The presence of live patrol personnel is a powerful deterrent for potential wrongdoers. Criminals are less likely to target a property or area actively patrolled by security personnel. This proactive approach to security can prevent incidents before they even occur, reducing the risk of theft and vandalism.

Enhanced Coverage

CCTV cameras have blind spots, and their effectiveness depends on their placement. Live patrol services can also cover areas outside the camera’s view. Their comprehensive coverage ensures that every corner of your property is under watchful eyes, leaving no room for potential threats to go unnoticed.

Immediate Resolution of Issues

Live patrol services are also essential when immediate attention is required for situations such as medical emergencies or fire outbreaks. Even when security personnel notice the potential risk or wrongdoer’s entry, they can immediately connect with the police forces and stop the chances of mishap. They are trained to handle various scenarios and can coordinate with emergency services effectively. Their ability to provide immediate assistance can save lives and minimize damage.

Adaptability and Human Judgment

CCTV cameras follow pre-set rules and algorithms. They may not always distinguish between false alarms and actual threats. On the other hand, live patrol personnel possess human judgment and adaptability. They can assess situations, verify alarms, and take appropriate action, reducing the likelihood of false alarms wasting time and resources.


In conclusion, while CCTV cameras are essential for modern security, they are most effective when paired with live patrol services. Combining technology and human intervention creates a robust security system that records incidents and actively prevents and addresses them in real-time. This proactive approach to security keeps you stress-free since your property or premises are secured and safe. So, when considering CCTV camera installation, remember that adding live patrol services can be a wise investment.

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