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What is the Average Cost of Building a Website in 2021?

It can be challenging to estimate website development costs as multiple factors impacting the final price. Features, tech stack, design, pages. You should be informed about all those details to determine the cost to make a website.

This estimate won’t be very accurate, but you’ll get an understanding of the average prices.

So, let’s find out the average price of creating a website. The prices below are based on a $50/h rate. It’s an average software development rate in Eastern Europe.

Average Price to Build a Website

Commonly, the website development costs consist of UI/UX design costs, front-end development costs, back-end development costs, and admin panel development costs.

In short, custom website development costs range between $8,750 and $38,000 and over.

UI/UX Design

Tools that can be used for designing the website: Sketch, InVision, Zepplin, Adobe Creative Cloud.

A website with poor design won’t be a successful product. Most users perceive the information that is presented in well-executed visualization. Good design enhances user’s attention and calls to action. The bad one makes them leave, even if you have a great product or service.

UI/UX design services are as important as engineering. Thus, the design costs should be taken into consideration when planning website development budget.

Below are the stages determining website design cost:

  • Research. Defining the target users, their needs and analyzing competitors’ weak and strong sides.
  • Wireframe. Building wireframes to show where the site’s elements will be placed and agree on it with a client.
  • Prototype. Designing the final user interface to show how the app will look on the various devices.

These stages allow to reach efficient web design and analyze every project detail.

So, what is the average cost to make a website’s design? The price can start from $750 and go up to $4,000 and over.

Again, the final price will depend on your requirements and the complexity of the features.

Front-End Development

Technologies that can be used for front-end development: HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, JavaScript, TypeScript, SASS, LESS, Angular, React.

Let’s take a registration page with three basic fields: name, login, password. You see shapes of the input fields and the colorful Register button below. You click the button and see its animation. That’s how the front end works.

The front end is elements your users can see and interact with on the website. It starts when UI/UX design is ready. The developers turn the prototype into a working product running on different browsers.

QA activity starts from front-end development and continues till release.

The two primary factors affecting website cost at this stage are:

  • Website responsive time or its adaptiveness
  • Complexity of animations

Front-end development costs can vary between $1,000 and $12,500 and more.

Back-End Development

Technologies that can be used for back-end development: Node.js, Express.js, Nest.js, .NET

Let’s come back to that registration example. The back end provides further use after you click the Register button. It makes valid data move to the server and sign up a new user.

If there’s an error, it sends a notification. In other words, the back-end development is responsible for functionality and business logic. It can’t reach the main purpose — register new users.

The back end is the core of every website making all its features work for visitors. So it’s a significant part of the website building cost.

There are many factors influencing total back end development time and the average website price, such as:

  • Integration with third-party services
  • Non-standard data processing (for instance, audio)
  • Complex requests
  • Others

Back-end development costs start from $4,000 to $12,500 and over.


Admin Panel Development

A content management system or admin panel provides all the tools to create, manage, and edit a website’s information. So if you want to update content on the website, you won’t need developers’ help to do it.

There are many open-source platforms like Magento, WordPress, Drupal, Shopify, and others. They offer out-of-the-box solutions to reduce web development costs and cut development hours.

However, ready-made solutions have limited functionality and poor security. The latter is because malicious software is written to reach popular systems rather than custom websites.

Custom CMS development costs start from $3,000 to $9,000 and go up.

Final Development Cost of All Stages

Earlier, we’ve described the cost of every development stage. Summing up this information and you’ll know an approximate website development cost.

Let’s look at the average cost to build a website (rough estimate based on $50/h in Eastern Europe):

  • UI/UX design. To create a custom web UI/UX design, designers need, on average, 15-80 hours. With the rate of $50 per hour, the final website design cost will vary from $750 to $4,000
  • Front end. It takes 20-250 hours to build a client-side web. The price can vary from $1,000 to $12,500
  • Back end. Back-end development price can vary from $4,000 to $12,500 per 80-250 hours.
  • Admin panel. Developers need 60-180 hours to build an admin panel. The final CMS development costs will vary from $3,000 to $9,000.

So, it takes approximately 175-760 hours to create a website. The price will vary from $8,750 to $38,000.

The Cost of Creating Various Website Types

Websites are designed for different reasons: from hosting personal blogs to maintaining complex business solutions. Accordingly, the website development cost and time depend on their complexity.

Let’s consider the average price of making a website of different types.

Website for a Business

It’s an informational type of website. Usually, it focuses on brand promotion, enhancing customers’ loyalty, offering useful content, and so on. Again, the cost will depend on the features’ complexity.

Commonly, customers who want to know business website development cost ask for the following pages:

  • About company
  • Services
  • Contacts
  • Blog page
  • Testimonials

These pages are the basis for such types of websites. Thus, every web project has its unique features and may differ from a typical structure.

So the price of building a website for a small business is formed based on the number of pages. But it also depends on the features you’d like to add.

Among other demand features for business websites are:

  • SSL certificate
  • Contact form
  • Integration with live chats
  • On-site search
  • Mobile-adaptive design
  • Admin panel

Business website development prices can range between $9,500 to $13,000+.

Eсommerce Website Cost

E-commerce is a complicated industry. It’s pretty hard to determine the average cost to make a website for this field. Ecommerce websites may have thousands of pages (Amazon has millions) and complex functionality.

Frequently requested pages are:

  • Main page
  • Shopping cart
  • Favorites
  • Check out
  • Blog
  • Category pages
  • Product pages


  • Integration with payment systems like Google Pay, PayPal, etc.
  • Push notifications
  • Viewed products
  • Reviews and product’s rates
  • Site search
  • Admin panel

Large e-commerce websites have to be well-built to sustain high loads and rank on the top of Google. That’s why the ecommerce field needs considerable investments that affect the final price of a marketplace custom website.

Ecommerce site development costs can vary from $17,500 to $37,500.

Landing Page Cost

The landing page has two definitions in terms of web development:

  1. It’s a single-page website created to promote or sell products or services.
  2. It’s a separate page on a multi-page website intended to promote or sell products or services.

Usually, landing pages have limited content. They are created to catch users’ attention and call to concrete actions: buy products, download a file, etc.

Infomercial landing pages are really long, still, the average price to create a website of this type is lower than multi-page websites.

Landing page development costs can range between $1,000 to $2,500.

Final Cost by Website Types

Let’s see how much time and money it takes to build a website of each type (rough estimate):

  • Business website. It takes 190-260 hours on average for a team to make a business website. The price will range from $9,500 to $13,000.
  • E-commerce. It takes approximately 35-750 hours to develop an ecommerce website. The price will vary between $17,500 and $37,500.
  • Landing page. It takes 20-50 hours on average to make a landing page. The price can vary from $1,000 to $2,500.

Additional Website Creation Costs

There are several extra website expenses you need to consider.

Domain Name

Every website has an IP address. A domain name gives that IP a simple, easy name that anyone can type in and get your website. The domain name appears in the address bar of the computer browser. You can register it on specialized services.

You have to consider a domain name when planning a website development budget.

Price: $5 to $15 yearly.

Several popular domain name registrars:


Hosting is a computer and network infrastructure that keeps your website available across the internet 24/7. Hosting providers affect the website’s time loading.

Hosting expenses should be included in the website’s monthly cost.

Price: $75 to $200 yearly.

Several time-tested hosting providers:


The work doesn’t stop after you launch the app. You still have to deal with web design edits, server management, analytics, performance improvement, and other services. So, it’s crucial to consider the website maintenance cost.

Price: The average cost to manage a website starts from $500 and reaches $12,000 yearly.

Website Marketing Expenses

There is no use of the product nobody heard about.

That’s why it’s important to include marketing expenses to professional website development costs.

Pay-Per-Click Advertising (PPC)

Pay-Per-Click advertising is an excellent way to tell consumers about your product and convert your website into a lead generation machine. Google Network is the most well-known and powerful advertising network.

The company has designed a multi-use and flexible tool to maintain your ad campaigns — Google AdWords. You can create and manage a campaign on your own or hire a PPC specialist.

The main disadvantage of pay-per-click advertising is that prices can vary from industry to industry. Some companies spend a significant amount of money to reach excellent results paying up to $50 per click.

Price: Depends on keyword competition.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO is aimed to optimize your website for search engines and increase traffic to it. With the help of SEO, it’s easy for users to find your website when they use related keywords like: ‘buy a laptop’, ‘best hotels’, ‘rent a car.’

To get to the top of Google, ensure your website is exactly what your users are looking for when they’re searching the internet.

The cost of SEO depends on the budget, timeframe, goals, and the amount of work done.

Price: Vary from $300 to $1,500 per month on average.


If you’re planning to build a website with many pages, then you need to fill it with quality content.

Experienced copywriters should create attractive articles or copies and optimize them with relevant keywords. Quality content leads to traffic increase and customer engagement.

Price: Range between $50 to $500 per article on average.

Social Media Marketing (SMM)

Social Media Marketing means the promotion of your project on social networks. It’s a great method to gain quality leads.

Price: Range between $400 to $20,000 on average.

Wrapping Up

Hopefully, you got the full answer to the question “how much does it cost to build a website”. As you can see, you need to consider a lot of factors that affect the final price.

Mind that the price will depend on your demands and the complexity of the features. It’s much cheaper to design a landing page than a feature-rich website. But it’s the right decision to get users on the hook. If you want to build brand awareness, you need to develop a fully-fledged website.

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Kate Orekhova is a tech writer at Cleveroad, an app development company from Eastern Europe. A writer by day and a reader at night, she’s keen on technology and innovations. Her passion is to tell people about the latest tech trends in the world of IT.

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1 Comment

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