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How and Why to Make It Easier for Your Customer to Contact You

With more and more options for customers out there, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to differentiate yourself as a business. However, a very important aspect is often being overlooked – the customer support experience.

The way you interact with your clients when they’re in need of help can make or break your business. Because, let’s be honest, word goes around. And a subpar customer experience could lead to less sales and a decrease in revenue.

So how and why should you make it easy for your customers to reach you? Let’s find out together!

Mind the Variety

It’s important for your client to have as many ways to reach you as possible. This gives you credibility and builds trust. Your website should have a dedicated Contact section that’s easy to spot and access.

Once the client reaches this page, offer them a contact form that they can fill out. Give them an email where they can write to you and, most importantly, give them a business phone number. A phone number will reassure your customers that their needs are taken care of. And if you’re an online business, you should definitely have a phone number that allows people to call from all over the world.

Drive More Conversions

Sometimes, clients might be undecided before completing a transaction. They might need more information about the product or the service you’re offering. So naturally, they will try to contact you about it. When this happens, make sure to be as fast and prompt as possible.

For this, you can use a live chat system or, again, a business phone number. These methods allow you to address any issue or question your customer might have in a manner that’s fast and efficient. And when you’re quick to react, the client is wuick to convert.

Use Social Media

Using social media to stay in contact with your client base will not only increase brand awareness but it will also serve as a fast way for them to keep in touch with you. Set up a Facebook or Instagram account for your business and encourage your prospects to interact with it. This will give them a voice and tell them that their opinion matters to you. Just make sure to respond in a timely manner.

Keep in mind that everyone will be able to read your answers and interactions. So make sure to keep things as professional as possible. Proofread your comments, check twice for grammar or punctuation mistakes and always use a friendly but professional tone of voice.

Make It Easy to Talk to a Human

When it comes to phone interactions, customers are quick to leave if they sense any lack of quality. This also includes not being able to properly navigate the interactive voice mail system. So when setting up a business phone number, make sure you streamline and simplify this process as much as possible.

Keep the automated responses and options as clear as they can get and don’t overwhelm your clients with stuffy processes that they don’t understand. Usually, a client should reach a human representative in 3 to 5 steps.

Clearly Display Your Contact Info

A lack of clear contact information on your website can truly make a difference in your conversions. Just think about it – how many times have you looked for a way to get in touch with a business, only to leave in frustration after minutes of not finding anything? You don’t want to evoke the same feeling in your customers, right?

For that, make sure you display your contact information on every page of your website. Now, we’re not saying you should have it as a header everywhere, but keep it available in the footer of each page. On top of that, make sure your business is also listed in relevant directories such as Yelp, Google Places or Yellow Pages.

Always Follow Up

Following up is an easy way to engage your customers and make them feel appreciated. No one likes to send an email or leave a message only to be met with silence. It’s important to interact with your customers throughout their conversion journey, not only at the beginning. This will help you build a connection with them, that will lead to trust and eventually, returning customers.

For example, if a customer makes a first-time purchase, or an already existing customer buys a unique item, follow up with them to make sure they liked it. Thank your customers for doing business with you. This is a great way to keep your business at the top of their minds.

Ask Questions Through Surveys

Surveys are a great way to keep in touch with your customers, especially when it comes to their wants and needs. You can send out occasional customer surveys by email to ask their opinion about the products they bought or about the overall experience with your website. This way, you’ll give them a voice and you’ll build brand loyalty.

Our Conclusion

The conclusion here is simple. Customer service is important, and its quality can make or break your business. It’s very important to listen to your clients’ concerns and questions and answer them in a fast and efficient manner.

We’ve seen countless examples of websites that seem determined to prevent their customers from reaching them – either by making the contact info difficult to access or by hiding it altogether. Sure, in the short-term, these might save you some money. But in the long term, it will only annoy your customers, forcing them to take their business somewhere else.

If your customers can easily reach you, they will trust you. You will build a solid relationship with them and in turn, they will become loyal and even recommend your brand to other people. There are really no disadvantages in having an easy way for your clients to contact you.

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