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The All-Time Favorite Sleeper Atlanta Dress – An Essence of Effortless Beauty

It’s getting warmer and warmer, so what can be a better time to start looking for new dresses than this? And it can be hard to find that one piece that will be a perfect fit. However, do not give up — Sleeper is here to help you out with its navy linen dress. Intrigued yet? Well, this Ukrainian brand has a lot more to offer.

Sleeper is a brand of practical, multifunctional, yet elegant clothes, founded back in 2014 by two friends – Kate Zubarieva and Asya Varetsa. Having started as a not-so-sleepwear clothing label, it has now expanded its clothing selection far beyond that definition. Sleeper gained popularity by turning simple pajamas into casualwear and now it continues to surprise the modern fashion world with more creative and unique designs. Now, their vintage-inspired Party pajama sets are not the only signature piece. For example, the Sleeper Atlanta dress has also gained a lot of popularity and become a beloved classic among modern fashion-lovers. Generally, almost all the pieces of this brand can be described as casual loungewear and they all bear the same message – stylish clothes can be versatile and comfortable too. That is one of the main reasons behind Sleeper’s great reputation in today’s fashion scene. Not to mention that the brand is not staying in one place and it continues to grow and attract more people as it introduces new collections, such as:

  • Summer Market
  • Bridal Collection
  • Party Collection
  • Athleisure line
  • and many others.

So, if you feel like Sleeper can become your fashion love partner, do not hesitate and read on to check out what there is in stock for you.

Embrace Your Elegance with the Navy Linen Dress


Sleeper is well-known for designing clothes for any possible occasion. And their dresses are not an exception. If you were looking for something so comfortable and practical, that you could wear it both to chill at home and to an evening get-together with friends, then a navy linen dress will become your perfect choice! This best-selling Atlanta design made out of 100% natural linen will become your best friend during the warm spring and summer days. Puffy sleeves and adjustable neckline will give your look a new sense of refinement yet keep it effortless and fun. And it also comes with a matching hair ribbon, so you can add it as a thoughtful detail to complete your stylish outfit. Moreover, the dress is also available in a broad color palette: from pink to Blue Vichy, from coral to lime and lavender, and it also includes flower-patterned options.

However, this is not the only design Sleeper can offer. The brand is proud to have a vast women’s loungewear dresses collection. Judas Tree loungewear button-up dress, for example, is a great design with a relaxed fit. Wear it with a belt, buttoned-up or down, sleeves off or on the shoulders, or pair it up with your favorite sweater or a cardigan during more chill days. You will look regardlessly stunning wearing this piece. If you are a picnic-lover, you can check Belle dress – a perfect solution for such an activity. A stretch corset-like bodice and lantern sleeves will highlight your best figure features and give you that Disney-princess-like look. There are also a bunch of other gorgeous designs such as Michelin dresses, Brigitte midi, and maxi dresses, and Marquise and Marie linen dress designs.

Any Other Options Besides Dresses?

Of course, you will find a lot more at Just take a quick look at the sizeless pajamas suit, for instance. Relaxed fit, made out of 100% Eco-rayon – a perfect solution either for sleep or for a quick morning coffee date. It can also be combined with other clothes from your wardrobe like jeans or classy trousers. And you can wear the bottoms with an oversized T-shirt or a hoodie and still look as stylish as ever.

If you like this one, you will also be pleasantly surprised to see a Rumba linen lounge suit. Playful ruffled sleeves and cuffs on the ankle-length pants will keep your outfit fun and quirky. This design also has a variety of patterns and color options and comes with a matching scarf which can be elegantly incorporated into your hairstyle to complete this or any other outfit. And if you are a fan of chic looks, the Weekend chic set should definitely be your choice! Comfy bicycle shorts and a short-sleeved top decorated with detachable fuzzy cuffs — an outfit that will let you be a little extra or keep it on the low whenever you like. This fit is also a sustainable piece, as it is made out of a dense 100% recycled polyester. So it will not only be good for you but the planet as well. And don’t forget to check out Sleeper’s extensive collection of shoewear: anything from strappy sandals to silk flats and slippers will become a good addition to your new stylish look.

What are you waiting for? Just go check it out!

Sleeper is a perfect choice if you have been waiting to bring something new both into your wardrobe and your style. With an extensive collection of women’s loungewear dresses and pajama sets, fun athleisure suits, shoes, and even swimwear – this Ukrainian brand will not leave you disappointed. And all the pieces are distinguished by versatility and comfort. They will not only contribute to your sense of style but also boost your self-expression and confidence levels. Not to mention that all the designs are made from high-quality materials and also hand-sewn, so they will look perfectly in place on any figure. And with their multifunctionality, these outfits won’t just sit there in your closet. Once you slip in one of the Sleeper dresses or pajama suits, you won’t ever want to take them off! So, don’t be afraid and go check out this brand’s arsenal of designs – you will probably find your next favorite loom there.

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