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The Advantages of Using WordPress for Your Website

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If you are thinking about starting a website, whether it’s going to be a personal blog, a site for your business, or a portfolio site, chances are you’ve already heard of WordPress. Over 39% of websites on the internet use WordPress, and this percentage is rising all of the time. WordPress is the ideal platform for running a small website or blog but it’s also perfect for bigger sites and much larger online businesses. Some of the top businesses and brands around the world use WordPress to power and run their websites. Below is a look at why it’s so popular and what makes WordPress the perfect choice for your site.

It’s Easy to Use

WordPress is so simple. It’s always been easy to use but the development of the Gutenberg Blocks system in the last few years has brought much greater flexibility to an already easy-to-use platform. With WordPress, you can quickly write posts, adding galleries, tables, contact forms, media, and almost anything else that you can think of. WordPress also offers a built-in update management system, so you never need to worry about out-of-date software leading to a security breach.

WordPress Can Help You to Keep Costs Low

Another fantastic reason to use WordPress is the cost. The WordPress platform itself is completely free to install on your website and WordPress web hosting can be extremely cost-effective.

A Wide Range of Plugins

One of the biggest advantages of so many people using WordPress is that it means there are countless plugins, many of which are free, which can add greater usability and new features to your site. New plugins, updates, and premium options are being added to the market every day, meaning that, with WordPress, you have more options than you can possibly imagine.

WordPress is Great for SEO

SEO or search engine optimization is crucial for every kind of website. It’s basically how Google and other search engines find your website and, if you want to drive traffic or sales, it’s important that you are getting your site and its pages to page one. Using WordPress gives you a great head start. Even without the addition of SEO plugins, or content written for SEO, WordPress is built to appeal to the search engines.

WordPress is Responsive

Responsive websites are far more important than they used to be, with most people now using the internet on a mobile device at least some of the time. That means your site needs to work on all screen sizes. With some platforms, this means lots of extra work. With WordPress, it’s usually fairly automatic as long as you choose a responsive theme for your site.


Most of us start websites with the intention of growing. We want people to read our content. We want sales to grow and our businesses to develop. WordPress grows with you, offering full scalability and helping to make your life easier.

It’s Easy to Add Multiple Users

Even if your business is just you, you might sometimes need other users to look at or work on your site. WordPress makes adding additional users or subscribers to your site very easy.

WordPress is one of the most popular website management platforms out there and with good reason. If you are looking to start a site, it could be a very smart choice.

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Jignesh Thanki

    November 16, 2021 at 6:07 am

    WordPress can help us develop a fast and responsive website. Even if we’re not tech-savvy.

    The great advantage of using WordPress is that the platform has more than 52,000+ plug-ins, extending from simple functions to full-featured applications that can help us to manage our website and business easily.

    It also offers many flexible theme designs, and we can also make a static site responsive by using plugins and modifying theme files. It is a good solution because it can be used for anything from e-commerce sites to professional or portfolio sites.

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