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The 2011 14 inch Toshiba Satellite: A Casebook Study Of Valued Notebook Performance

Toshiba Laptops aren’t always on target, but you can definitely count on the company to always put forth an effort. Once in a while they succeed in producing an outstanding machine with a modest price tag, and in 2011 they did it with their bastion model the Satellite. As far as cheap laptops go, this one isn’t exactly a steal, but the hundred dollars extra is little to pay for what you get in return: a solid piece of machinery that’s both ideally portable and state-of-the-art in the standard features it includes. It’s all backed by generation after generation of Toshiba Laptop tweaking that sets out to accomplish what so few hardware engineers in the laptop industry do: learn from past mistakes.

The first thing you might notice about the latest version of the Satellite is its 1.5 inch width, which is needless to say a lot bulkier than most modern laptop releases. What appears to be a sign of wayward design failings is in fact a good indicator of a worthy machine. Toshiba clearly resisted the urge to shrink their model down to a competitive size, which could compromise any existing design strengths, in order to ensure they produce a quality product overall. This comes as added assurance especially when you consider the laptop comes with a Blu-ray drive combined with an AMD processor, which confined could lead to overheating and quicker wear-down time.

With room to move around, Toshiba engineers were able to comfortably construct their computer design, and if you’re willing to sacrifice some space in your laptop bag, it’s probably the best trade off a laptop user could hope for. The thing is in essence built like a tank, with mobility in mind despite the size. It’s surprisingly light nonetheless. However, the speed is the sacrifice for the mid-three digit price tag. It’s not going to start up or flip through programs as fast as laptops in the upper-three digits or $1000-range, but that’s a certainty with bargain laptops.

The storage on the Satellite is enormous. You get 640 GB all to yourself, which is perfect for anybody with a library of music or videos they want to bring around with them. Even in the laptop’s twilight years, which could possibly be a decade from now, such an enormous hard drive can make a great backup save option. The bulk of the model might mean it’ll be easy to get that sucker out of there.

If you’re in the market for a laptop that’s going to need to stand the test of time but can’t settle for anything but a bargain, look into the 2011 Toshiba Satellite as an option. The price varies from $620-$650 depending on where you look. Online stores will be cheaper and state tax-free so check there first!

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