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The 12 Best Android Wear Apps

Android Wear has increasingly improved since its initial launch and is possibly one of the best smartwatch platforms currently available.  But purchasing an Android Wear device is just the first step, it’s the apps you choose to download onto it that make it worth the money.


Last year alone, over 4,000 new Android Wear apps were added to the Play Store so there’s definitely enough to choose from, but it’s important to make the right choice.  Here’s our pick of twelve Android Wear apps which we consider to be the best at the moment.

1. Google Keep

Google Keep is a note-taking app which includes features such as viewing notes you’ve previously taken and creating notes using the “Okay, Google” hot word, which is great for when you’re on the move or have limited time.  The phone and Wear app work well together and it’s free without any in-app purchases.

2. Spotify

Spotify was one of the most anticipated apps for the Android Wear platform.   As well as the obvious functions like skip and pause, it also gives you access to your now playing feed and you can choose your playlists directly from your watch.

3. PixtoCam

This app lets you control your phone’s camera remotely.  We think this app is the best of its kind because of the range of features it offers.  You can use it to snap pictures, zoom, adjust photo settings and even use a timer to capture that perfect moment.

4. CityMapper

Citymapper is a lot easier to use as a Wear app than navigating using your phone.  Specify your home and work locations in the mobile app and then use your smartwatch to navigate.  It’s especially good if you’re travelling alone at night because it’s less obvious that you don’t know where you’re going if you’re just looking at your watch.

5. 1Weather

One of the best weather apps available on Android Wear, you can look at current weather conditions and forecasts wherever you are and whatever you’re doing so you’re always prepared come rain or shine.

6. Tinder

If you’re a fan of Tinder, then the chance to get it on your smartwatch will probably be a match made in heaven.  A quick glance at your phone and you can be swiping right to your heart’s delight.

7. Personal Running Trainer

With some of the top app development companies getting on board with Android Wear apps, there are more unique app ideas than ever reaching the market.  One such is Personal Running Trainer, which is a coaching and tracking app for runners.  It provides you with audio coaching instructions and real-time statistics and there are a variety of training programs to choose from.

8. Wear Messenger

Wear Messenger is an SMS app that allows you to send texts using your Wear watch.  It has a built-in keyboard so you can tap out a quick message without having to dig around in your bag for your phone first.

9. Calculator

It might one of the simplest apps around, but don’t dismiss this because of its lack of excitement.  Having a calculator on your wrist is super practical and it takes the embarrassment out of not being able to do mathematics in your head when you’re trying to split the bill in front of your colleagues.

10. Toggles Wear

Instead of having to mess around with the settings on your phone when you’re in a rush, why not transfer them to your watch face?  You can check your battery life, see how much data you’re using and it’s great for flipping your phone to silent mode quickly at the start of a meeting.

11. Wear Mini Launcher

Android Wear devices can prove a bit fiddly to use especially when it comes to opening apps.  Wear Mini Launcher takes the hassle away by allowing you to launch apps quickly and easily.  You can also use it to access settings such as brightness and Wi-Fi for your smartphone.

12. Pocket Casts

Pocket Casts is one of the best podcasts apps available with a huge amount of content to choose from in both audio and video podcast formats.  Thanks to its Android Wear support you can control the podcasts with pause/play and custom skip intervals.

With literally thousands of Android Wear apps available it’s easy to pick the first one you come across but there are a lot out there that, although they might be a great idea, don’t actually work very well on a smartwatch.  Hopefully, with this list we’ve succeeded in cutting down your search time giving you more time to enjoy your new apps instead.

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