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Why You Should Be Cautious Against Surgical Never Events

The purpose of surgical procedures is to cure a sickness or ailment. But, things can go wrong in the case of surgical never events. Surgical never events are the term given to the mishaps which arise due to negligence or incompetence of the medical staff performing the surgical procedure. These mishaps result in serious conditions which in the first place should have never happened.

There is plenty of long list of surgical never events which result in medical complications that could have been prevented. These errors are primarily due to human error. Surgical never events can prove lethal and devastating for the health of an individual. Many complicated conditions arise due to surgical never events.

There are more than one human errors that ultimately results in surgical never events. Amongst all, the most commonly observed ones are:

  • In many cases, surgeons leave behind a surgical instrument inside the body of the patient.
  • The wrong surgical procedure being performed on the patient due to wrong medical report or for other human errors.
  • Performing surgical procedure on the wrong part of the body.

These events prove to be a lot more painful and can cause a serious deterioration of health. Under the law, concerned professionals are liable to be booked for surgical never events. It is necessary to contact an efficient attorney who has adequate experience in same.

In the majority of cases, the medical facilities try to hush-up the whole issue either by intimidation or by offering compensation. An experienced attorney is well versed with such tactics and deals with the issue proficiently.

Cause of Surgical never events

As mentioned above, the prime reason for surgical never events is human error. Is it the workload that results in fatigue or exhaustion or a wrong report forwarded to the surgeon? These human errors can be prevented by putting in a preventive measure which we will take up later in this article. The causes of surgical never events are:

  • A distracted or stressed out surgeon conducting the procedure.
  • Miscommunication amongst the operating team.
  • The wrong report forwarded for the wrong patient.
  • Incompetent medical professional conducting the surgery.

Whatever be the case, it is the duty of a medical facility to look out for the good being of the patient being treated upon. These errors or callousness on part of medical staff proves to be a lot more painful not only for a patient but also stressful for the family members of the patient. The added cost of the treatment along with the emotional trauma tends to create havoc in the lives of the patient as well as the ones around them.

How to prevent Surgical never events?

The human error which ultimately leads to surgical never events can be broken down into smaller parts. These smaller parts deal with the whole surgery operation and when followed step by step can put the possibility of surgical never events at bay.

These four parts are:

1- Medical history: The surgeon needs to ensure the surgery planned for the patient is precisely what the medical history of the patient asks for. This means a cross-check with the concerned professionals to evaluate the right surgery procedure. Also, the mental state of the surgeon also needs to be accounted for. Is the surgeon in the right state of mind to conduct the surgery or is too fatigued to continue?

2- Improper medical procedures: The medical staff should ensure that the surgery is carried out by maintaining the utmost standard of care and hygiene. No unsafe short cuts or bending of rules to shorten the surgery process.

3- Adequate staff for surgery: There should be adequate staff assisting the surgeon. This staff should be well qualified to handle any sort of complication that may crop up during the surgery and should assist the surgeon at every step without fail.

4- Standardized surgery process: Medical professionals are a well trained set of professionals who abide by a standard procedure and norms. Surgical never events can be negated by maintaining the standard and following the best practices which encompass the above three mentioned points.

Besides these, communication is vital for a successful surgery. Be it communication that includes briefing the patient and respective family members about the surgery or the communication amongst the professionals who will carry out the surgical procedure. A proper communication might just be the tactic that eventually helps to keep such unwanted medical hassles at bay.

Medical facilities should focus on open communication amongst professionals and learn from mistakes instead of maintaining the secrecy of any unfortunate incidence. In the long, it is these same facilities that will garner the trust of the people and ensure that no one suffers from any undue medical complications.

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