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Technology Motivates The Unambitious Soul

Computers are everything these days, in quite a literal sense. They are no longer just used to write papers or complete some work project. They are a portal into our social lives with social media, they contain and play all of our music, and, perhaps most importantly, they store most of our digital pictures. It feels good to have all your information stored in one, easy-to-access machine, but there is always the fear of losing the information.  Does this tech actually motivate us?


Cloud computing remains a hot topic as it continues to reach new heights and expand into new industries. More companies are adopting this technology for several reasons. Cloud Computing was built for growth. Let’s say you need 10 times the number of computer systems you currently have, what do you do? Cloud computing is one of the best ways to accommodate such growth, and since Active KB and other similar hosting discussion sites are an excellent source to find these things out, perhaps now is the time for cloud computing to get serious – even if businesses aren’t.

GPS Everything

A GPS System is a device that is installed within a vehicle to track down and monitor its behaviour. Through the use of the Global Positioning System, the GPS is able to give instant information upon the vehicles location. The data that the device receives can be transferred to a computer database, and positioned upon a map, this allows for a constant live time viewing mode.

The world of GPS servers has seen a barrage of changes within the past few years. One of the newest types of servers revealed and made available to the public is the concept of the virtual server. The idea of virtualization is the doing away with physical servers. What essentially happens is that the identity of the server and its other components are masked or hidden from the user or client. This enables the client to concentration more on maintaining the website rather than the technicalities that come with maintaining a server.


There are so many ways to view and interact with digital media in today’s world. You can view content on your cell phone, stream movies on your Xbox, and watch flicks on your laptop. Why should you invest in a high-definition television? Actually, there are many reasons an HDTV is still the right choice.

The HDTV has become increasingly popular over the last decade. It’s a digital television format that not only provides high-quality wide-screen pictures, but it also enhances the viewing experience with compact disc quality surround sound.


Thanks to the low cost and accessibility of mobile devices, millions of people now enjoy smartphones and tablets. However, these mobile devices are now attracting hackers who have the ability to disrupt daily lives.  Many users enjoy the convenience of mobile devices for social networks, Web browsing and banking.  Mobility has even hit small businesses.

Today, no business should fail to thoroughly learn and utilize a whole range of video calling tools, from the most basic downloadable mobile device apps, which are free, to more robust video and teleconferencing packages offered by companies as diverse as Sony, Microsoft, Oracle and GoToMeeting.

We are fortunate to be born in the era where technology has reached unattainable heights in a decade. Technology has so much boomed that we now have to make a conscious effort to walk in the same pace. Innovation can be well defined as- ‘doing the same thing differently’ and in this effort technology is its primary weapon. Such a crazy little thing called technology…yet we cannot live without it.

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Dave is a 20-year veteran in the journalism industry. He reports on tech, social media and healthcare news.

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1 Comment

  1. santosh Kumar

    June 15, 2013 at 1:57 pm

    good blog, I learn lot of things from blog. I am good blogger.

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