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5 Reasons Automated Technology Is Taking HR By Storm

To take something by storm is no minor feat; it‘s not done accidentally and the process usually involves careful planning and admirable dedication. This is why the use of automated technology and employment assessment tools in the HR industry is no mere trend amongst successful organizations. Rather, the continuous incorporation of automated candidate and reference checking software has proven to have an everlasting positive effect on a business’s ability to make informed hiring decisions. In fact, research by The Aberdeen Group shows, year after year, that assessments are a valuable tool in making many types of talent decisions. From recruiting new hires, to ensuring the proper candidate has been chosen for promotion–here are the 5 main reasons why automated technology is taking HR by storm and conquering the competition:

1.     Reduced Effort

As with most technologies, one of automated candidate and reference checking software’s biggest advantages is its ability to perform tasks and processes in less time than its human counterparts. By establishing benchmarks from which a company can objectively learn as much as possible about a job candidate’s likely performance prior to actually making the hire, automated technology provides a quick and reliable alternative to the drawn-out manual (and possibly subjective) hiring process. As compared with a business that’s not utilizing any automated services, the efforts involved with the recruitment process can be reduced from days or even weeks, to just a few simple clicks.

2.     Improved Compliance

Along with the newfound flexibility to focus human capital on more dynamic processes, businesses can also rely on automated technology to ensure that the hiring process remains consistent and compliant. By establishing relevant and streamlined processes, automated candidate assessments and reference checking software navigate any possible issues of hiring liabilities while remaining focused on finding the best candidates for the position.

3.     Link Talent to Business Objectives

Aberdeen’s latest research found that ‘Best-in-Class’ organizations are 63% more likely than ‘Laggards’ to ensure that HR and line of business managements collaborate to make certain that assessment content is truly addressing business needs. In other words, in the absence of automated assessment technology, those making the hiring decisions may not be presented with clear business objectives and therefore risk the efforts and success of the recruitment process altogether. On the other hand, being able to more clearly tie assessments to tangible business objectives can really give companies a true competitive advantage.

4.     Better Quality of Hire

Ultimately, hiring the right people will yield better business results. Therefore, to assure a candidate’s positive impact on the company’s end results, it’s important that the quality of potential hires be increased. Utilizing automated technology to do this not only makes certain that the process is completed quickly, but appropriately as well.  Automated candidate assessment and reference checking software is particularly skilled at matching the right employee to a specific job and organizational culture.

5.     Opportunity for Continuous Feedback

Perhaps the greatest advantage of automated technology is the opportunity for continual feedback on the entire recruitment process of a company. Incremental pre-hire and post-hire data can be fed back into the routine to allow for further refinement if necessary. Unlike with old-fashioned hiring, automated technology identifies issues or inconsistencies in the hiring process as they arise so that they may be fixed before becoming detrimental to future business results.

As companies constantly seek out new sources of data and information to help guide decision making—especially, specific to hiring—automated candidate assessment and reference checking software offers powerfully predictive insights and guidance.  By allowing a company the ability to monitor an employee’s lifecycle, ensure the appropriate use of assessments, and understand how to take action on assessment data, automated technology serves as a great strategy to improving overall business performance.

Written By

Greg Moran is the President and CEO of, an Employee Selection and Automated Reference Checking technology suite as well as a respected author on Human Capital Management with published works including Hire, Fire & The Walking Dead and Building the Talent Edge. Greg can be found blogging at, on twitter @CEOofChequed and Google+.



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  2. Stephen

    June 5, 2013 at 5:00 pm

    HR’s have always been at the mercy of automated software. As soon as a savvy developer pulled the trigger on a compelling offering, HR professionals would fall over themselves to use it. Kudos to all involved.

  3. Stanislawski

    June 22, 2013 at 10:47 pm

    This is why reading the books you mentioned are crucial. They help expand your mind to all that’s possible and help you get past the negative voices that play in your head from time to time.

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