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How Technology Can Boost Cargo Tracking and Tracing Services

To meet up with the needs of increasing globalization in almost every sector across the world, efficient network of logistics that can seamlessly integrate sourcing and distribution of products for the purpose of supporting the complex supply chains are required. Advanced Cargo tracking plays a significant role in this process. Continue reading to know more about how technology is boosting Cargo tracing services.

The global network of the supply chain is getting complex with the increasing globalization across all industrial sectors. These complexities can be reduced to a major extent with the use of advanced cargo tracking and tracing services.

Any kind of logistical event or exception that takes place during the cargo journey needs to be tracked and required actions should be taken on time, to ensure that delay does not result in any kind of production loss or negatively affects customer satisfaction.

This makes Cargo tracking an integral part of the global supply chain. It plays a major role in customer satisfaction and service in almost every industry. Technology has completely evolved cargo tracking tools and has allowed business-owners as well as customers to track and trace cargo at the packaging level, container level, and shipment level, depending on the business and industry needs.

Let us have a look at how technology has helped Cargo tracking

Integrated Connectivity

The need to connect with other networks and devices is not new in this modern digital world. However, when we talk about cargo tracking, GPS, and mobile phone capabilities have been combined to develop rugged, portable computers.

While operators were required to carry a portable computer as well as a smartphone, which were not as tough for a rough industry like shipping, operators can now use a single device to manage all the demands of their supply chain.

If we talk about the benefits gained by operators by this evolution, things have got simpler for them as they only need to carry a single device now. And if we talk about the management, the devices that they were required to manage have been cut into half.

Real-Time Location System (RTLS)

RTLS technology is extremely beneficial for managing a company’s supply chain. When connected to a wireless LAN device, these systems can be used to track anything. The ability to trace a product, shipment and device, improves the productivity.

For instance, forklifts that are used on ports for transporting cargo containers can be connected with RTLS to track their location. This allows the management to keep a track of all the progress made in a day concerning the receivables and shipments. Moreover, wireless tracking also allows constant surveillance and security of the shipments.

Digital Imaging

The integrated technology has also given birth to built-in cameras on portable devices to ensure product delivery. This visual proof allows operators to understand the reason for the delay in delivery or reasons for non-delivery of shipments. Moreover, they can also be used for gathering information, insurance purposes or documentation.

These tools have done an excellent job of keeping the supply chain connected and improve the level of customer satisfaction. While technology has already provided us with many cargo tracking and tracing tools, it is sure to offer a lot more in future as well.

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