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Technology at its Best – Chatbots

As consumers we’ve heard enough about interactive mobile apps and undoubtedly these mobile apps have made our lives easy from paying or bills to planning our holidays. But how many of us really have the patience to connect across a customer care support and convey what we actually need or probably discuss a problem? Don’t we dread the thought of speaking to such executives? We also have this sneaking doubt in the corner of our mind if we are actually being connected across to a living being or a robot. Isn’t it? The other side of the coin is stuffing our mobile screen with multiple mobile apps in an attempt to simplify things for ourselves. What could be the solution to all this? Technologists have thought over this as we have and come up with the “chatbots”. Wondering what it could be?


In layman terms as the name implies chatting with a robot is chatbot. Sounds good? That is right. Chatbot is interacting with a robot in a conversational tone. Though this sound very similar to humans, they are programmed. The best part of it is that they are intelligent enough to track our history of conversations, derive our interests from them and then engage us accordingly. Chatbots have opened new avenues for businesses eliminating mundane customer engagement processes.

Based on a survey done by Forrester, almost 80% of app users delete them after the very first use and 84% have their own choice of mobile apps to spend their time with.

How do they work?

Chatbots rely on artificial intelligence for its processes. Chatbots think based on conversations and are quick to respond appropriately as humans. If the response needs deeper knowledge of the product, the chatbot would redirect your trail to an expert for help. Moreover, they do not need any particular app but can be blended with Facebook messenger, Kik, Slack or Telegram. Chatbots support textual, graphical and video conversations stimulating better engagement.

Different types of chatbots:

Yes, there are two different types of chatbots. They are:

  1.  Chatbots fixed on rules which behave as programmed. They have their restricted knowledge about topics and can respond with limitations.
  2. Chatbots supported by machine learning are intelligent and you could ask this chatbot almost anything as it has the capability to think research and then answer your question.

Examples of chatbots:

  • There are weather bots which are experts in giving you a peek into weather updates
  • There are scheduling bots which can help you schedule your work based on priority
  • There are grocery bots which can help you pick your grocery fast. This bot could guide you with a track of your previous shopping lists also.
  • News bots can update you with timely news based on your geography

Why use bots?

So why do you think you should hop onto this intelligent option?

  • It is cost-effective. If you were to download a mobile app and begin using it, you may need to spend money and there are hidden charges also. Chatbots can be simply integrated with any messenger you are already using.
  • You need not specifically register or create an account for this. Bots recognize you easily. So, you are saved from entering information.
  • You can share it with your friends on social media; you could communicate with a bot without any intermediate.

So, are you ready to handle your business the intelligent way with chatbots? Beat your competition and rule your business space with the latest chatbot app development technologies!

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When others were wondering with the idea of being digital, Swetha was enjoying her coffee working with digital devices. With the dynamism and creative blend, Swetha joined eGrove Systems and currently playing a role of Digital Marketing Manager. She has enjoyed various high-profile roles in the SEO industry and now helping eGrove accomplish many proudest accomplishments in the digital world.

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