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Tech Tools that Let You Do Business from Anywhere

With remote work on the rise, more entrepreneurs and employees alike are looking to take their careers out of the office and on the road, to their homes or co-working spaces. And the benefits could be big. 

According to an study, 86 percent of respondents prefer to work alone to hit maximum productivity. That could mean your zone of genius just doesn’t happen when you’re sitting in group meetings and chit-chatting with colleagues. Instead, you could find you work best when left to work at your own pace and in the environment you choose. 

But figuring out how to work remotely requires the right technology to pull it all together. Here’s a must-have tech list that helps you do business from anywhere.

Always Connected Laptops

Finding an internet connection may not seem like such a big deal when your work doesn’t depend on it. In reality, finding reliable internet on the road, in coffee shops or even the airport can be unpredictable at best. Internet-on-the-go devices can help, but can still run out of data and leave you stranded.

Instead, you can just simplify your connectivity problems and opt for a 4G LTE laptop. Qualcomm’s Snapdragon X16 LTE is always connected with built-in 4G LTE cellular and Wi-Fi connectivity. It also comes with all-day battery life so you can keep working on the road and during layovers without worrying about finding a hotspot.

Virtual Meeting Software

Working remotely doesn’t mean the need for meetings and check-ins with colleagues is obsolete. You still need a way to stay connected without sending email chains and hopping on the phone. For face-to-face style meetings, use virtual meeting software like to host a meeting, join an existing meeting or get some video time with your company. You can use virtual meeting software for just about anything like running a training session with your co-workers and going over the details of a project. 

Project Management Software

Staying on task with a group project isn’t always straight-forward by email. Notes and correspondence get lost and daily check-ins aren’t always organized or answer outstanding questions about a project.

There are plenty of project management tools you can use to solve the problem, but for visual learners or projects, Trello works well. Users can create boards with notes to keep tabs on a project, upload graphics and videos, and keep the work running smoothly. Your co-workers can use Trello collaboratively to make changes in real time and stay on track.

Time Tracking Software

Some bosses require employees to track their project and work hours whether they’re sitting in an office or working from home. It can be tough to do this on your own when you’re getting up and down, finding yourself distracted, and are trying to add up your hours in your head. 

Time tracking software like Toggl can help you stay on top of your work and makes it easy to track hours for particular projects. You can also generate invoices right from their system so your clients or boss has a transparent view of what you’re working on.

File Storage and Collaboration

Keeping track of your digital files and assets can become a nightmare when you’re also required to send it back and forth to colleagues and clients. Instead, you can use a file storage system like Dropbox to store your assets and provide a platform for online collaboration. For example, a colleague who wants to work on a spreadsheet together can work from the same document. Dropbox figures out how to sync the changes in real-time so your team is always working on the most up to date file, even if multiple people are making changes. 

The most important thing to remember about business tech is picking and choosing the tools and platforms that work for your current needs. Adopting everything you can get your hands on could just distract you from your remote work instead of keeping you productive from anywhere. 

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