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Tech Startup Necessities

Would it be counterintuitive to tell a tech startup they need better IT? I think not. Here are some of the most overlooked IT needs for tech startups.

It is by no means counter-intuitive for tech startups to benefit from more IT support just as much as any other business. For starters, in order to work efficiently, developers, programmers, marketers and other tech professionals require a fast and secure network and machines that operate swiftly. To ensure efficiency, systems need to be in place to ensure the proper preemptive troubleshooting measures have been taken.

Remote Backup & Disaster Recovery

Data is at the heart of a tech startup’s business, and the loss/damage of data from failing technology or a natural disaster can be catastrophic. When proprietary information is lost in these cases, it can mean the end of the business at worst, or a costly recovery process at best. The Underwriting Guide for Insurers notes that after suffering from catastrophic data loss, only 6% of mid-sized businesses will ever recover. Data loss is one of the most harmful events for a small or mid-sized company. As more vulnerable businesses, tech startups are especially in need of reliable remote backups and disaster recovery support. These services are necessary to protect the technological assets of the data and programming behind the mobile applications, marketing strategies, and digital tools these startups create.

Data & Information Security

The special programming, proprietary software, and unique digital content that make up the meat of a tech startup’s business are also the core of that company’s value. If that information is stolen or hacked, the entire business may be at risk of data theft or proprietary infringement. To ensure that your information, digital assets, and business can’t fall victim to such attacks it is a necessity for data & information security measures to be in place. Without getting too technical, if someone can easily find your server information where your data is saved – they can just as easily shut it down or manipulate it in other ways.

Ongoing IT Support for Business Continuity

After your data is secured from harm via technical failure, disasters, and hacking attempts, your tech startup probably still needs a variety of IT services for the efficient operations of your business. You may have several skilled programmers and developers on your staff, but they likely aren’t qualified to replace a modem, fix a machine that’s operating slowly, or implement a VOIP phone system.

Written By

Jeff Steele, ofCMIT Solutions Seattle, a Managed IT Solutions Services provider, has worked at or with the world’s leading players in digital media — from Fortune 100 companies to VC backed firms. Starting in datacenter operations and datacenter management, he was a self-taught programmer and top Systems Engineer for IBM Global Services. Jeff helped build and grow new media businesses worldwide for companies such as Microsoft, Amazon, and Fox by bringing technical understanding and know-how together with deep business experience — resulting in innovative ways to showcase and monetize content. Jeff is able to bridge the gap between tech and business.

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