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Tech Roles That Will Get You Out Of London

London is one of the most famous and beloved cities in the world, but it appears to have lost some of its magic during the pandemic. More than 700,000 Londoners have left the city in the past year for reasons including redundancies, extortionate rent, and a desire to be closer to family. However, if you work in tech, it might be hard to imagine working anywhere else. After all, London is the tech capital of the UK — if not Europe — thanks to its exciting innovations, diverse businesses, and symbolic Silicon Roundabout.

Luckily, if you think a change of scenery is necessary, London is not the only place offering fantastic opportunities in the industry. Whether you want to jet off to a more favourable climate in Europe or move to another promising city inside of the UK, these are few tech roles you can take up outside of the London bubble.

1. SAP consultant

SAP, which stands for System Analysis Program Development, is a multinational software corporation, best known for its enterprise resource planning (ERP) software. Organisations use this to manage business processes and develop solutions facilitating effective data processing and information flow. The industry provides great IT careers that are handsomely paid, and there is a large gap to be filled in terms of experts.

You should find a new role quite easily if you’ve got the fundamental knowledge. If you’re looking to move away from London but stay in the UK, SAP is an incredible industry to go into. According to Eursap, recruitment specialists in the field, “As one of the world’s largest economies, including many cities, considered international business hubs, you’ll find plenty of SAP jobs in the UK. From  Manchester to Newcastle and Birmingham, there are openings throughout the country.” If you’re looking for a move outside the UK, the German tech scene in Dusseldorf, Frankfurt, and Berlin could provide an option in Europe.

2. Data analyst

Data analysts are in high demand across a range of sectors that need tech prowess. For example, finance, government, education, and healthcare companies all rely on data analysts to provide useful insights.

Data analysis is integral to all kinds of companies from SMEs to multinational corporations. Although gathering data is now scalable and easy, analysis is hard and takes real skill. Suitable candidates can demonstrate a track record in gathering actionable insights from data sets and communicating their findings to executives. Expect to find roles all across Europe, from the tech-savvy cities in Germany to emerging hubs in Tallinn and Tel Aviv. For UK opportunities, the likes of Manchester, Birmingham and Edinburgh are just a few hot spots.

3. Cybersecurity roles

From security analysts and engineers to architects and cryptographers, there are plenty of roles within the cybersecurity sector. The global cybersecurity market is worth almost $170 billion and continues to grow as threats from malware, ransomware, phishing, and hacking steadily increase. With so much personal data now stored online, cybersecurity attacks have the potential to do huge damage to businesses, as we’ve seen with a number of recent high-profile attacks, targeting the likes of Adobe, Marriott International, and My Fitness Pal. It’s no surprise that companies are committed to preventing any potential leaks, hence why they are turning to cybersecurity pros to help them keep their precious data safe.

In addition to the demand due to the increased threat, there is more opportunity due to scarcity. In fact, the UK workforce is struggling to meet demand — 48% of businesses have a cybersecurity skills gap. These include setting up configured firewalls, storing or transferring personal data, and detecting and removing malware. Therefore, businesses across the UK are keen for you to fill the void. And given that cybersecurity is a global issue, you shouldn’t struggle to find roles throughout Europe either.

4. Artificial Intelligence roles

Artificial intelligence (AI) looks set to create some of the most significant and disruptive innovations of this century, and it all looks very fun. Think self-driving cars, robotic assistants, and automated disease diagnosis. These are all products of an emerging AI revolution that will reshape how we live and work. Demand for talented AI engineers has doubled in the last few years, and there is a myriad of opportunities for professionals in research and development.

In 2020, Adobe released a  Digital Trends report that found 41% of leading businesses to be using artificial intelligence in some capacity. While prospects are abundant, it’s up to individuals to tailor their career trajectories. Success depends on your ability to learn integral AI subjects, as well as your and networking skills. Companies hiring in AI do not include just the powerhouses in tech (like Google, Apple, and Amazon) but also start-ups and new companies looking to make a name for themselves.

According to BDO, Cambridge is somewhere to consider as: “The University of Cambridge has fuelled the city’s strong reputation as a dependable location for AI and machine learning start-up endeavours.” Elsewhere, Switzerland is aiming to become Europe’s AI hub so check out cities like Geneva, Basel, and Zurich.

5. Java developer

Java is still one of the most widely-used programming languages in the world, despite being over 20 years old. Due to its maintained popularity and universal respect, job prospects for people with Java skills are excellent with roles available across many different sectors.

So what does a Java developer do? In short, they build various software, from desktop and web applications to cloud systems and mobile apps. If you want to land a job the key is to practice and learn as many different processes as possible. In this industry, being a polyglot developer is essential.

Java is so universal that you could consider going freelance and work wherever you want, with coding being the most popular type of gig. As long as you have experience and can demonstrate your credibility, you’ll get clients.

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Ryan Kh is a big data and analytic expert, marketing digital products on Amazon's Envato. He is not just passionate about latest buzz and tech stuff but in fact he's totally into it. Follow Ryan’s daily posts on WordPress / Clear World Finance / Forumsmix

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