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Teambuilding as the Key to Development of Team Dynamics

The concept of “teambuilding”

Teambuilding is a socio-psychological corporate event the main task of which is to build deep friendship and principles of mutual assistance among company employees. Simply put, this is the glue that helps people working together to improve relationships, and as a result to increase the efficiency of the team.

The idea of ​​teamwork for the benefit of a common goal and gain was borrowed from sports and is incredibly successful in business. Teambuilding has become an excellent option for corporate management. 

Why turn to teambuilding

Each professional leader understands that the effectiveness of the company is directly proportional to the effectiveness of each individual employee and team as a whole. If the team is a solid team of like-minded people with a favorable atmosphere, then the company has more chances to achieve success. Setting the tone in the team plays a greater role than it seems at first glance. Therefore, a good business training that will help to curb a couple of sharp corners in the communication and work of employees is an excellent management tool. In addition to improving relationships in the group, team building is a great way to find out the personal qualities of an employee – what they are capable of, how they behave in difficult situations.

Our team building is only gaining momentum, although the concept as such is already more than 20 years old. It is mainly used by leading companies that understand the importance of high personnel efficiency and are ready to invest in HR projects. For most of the more “mundane” companies, investing in the motivation of their employees during a crisis is an unacceptable luxury.

Team building goals:

Below are the main tasks of teambuilding aimed at:

  • Formation of a single team with successful optimization of all roles in it;
  • Creation and consolidation in the consciousness of the collective of a clear concept that everyone works for a single, common organization;
  • The informal atmosphere is conducive to communication and close acquaintance with colleagues while maintaining a business element;
  • Ability to effectively use personal qualities in a team to achieve the best overall result;
  • Increasing the importance of personal responsibility for the result;
  • Development of personal flexibility (the ability to adapt to a specific task);
  • Promotion of the principles of mutual assistance and cooperation;
  • Improving the mood and team spirit;

Team building events

In practice, team building is a corporate event that takes from several hours to several days. Most often these are corporate events or programs, and it can also be a popular ropes course, which is training for outdoor activities, which uses climbing equipment (hence the name). As in any other type of teambuilding, the main thing in the ropes course is the development of the corporate spirit and team cohesion. Among other things, such corporate training is a great way for an employee to show personal advantages and talents for the good of the team, as well as a way to overcome personal fears.

There are many exercises and tasks that are successfully used in such events. For example, a leap of trust – a participant falls back forward into the hands of all team members. Or the task of overcoming a wall or any other high hedge, without any improvised means.

But it is important to understand that good corporate training is not just a general trip to the forest with unpretentious team games. This is, above all, a strategic way to strengthen the relations of people working together. The idea and objectives of the event should be implemented in the process.

Team building efficiency

Teambuilding will give the desired results only in those companies where teamwork is the basis of employee motivation. If your company focuses solely on personal merits, then the organization of such business training is a waste of money. Teambuilding or any similar corporate events is a tool for creating a single team, in which there may be elements of competition.

Like any corporate project, teambuilding involves the expenditure of funds. If in real projects you can calculate the payback point, then it is hard to say when to pay for such a project.

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