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Teaching at Home Becomes Very Easy With These 5 Apps In Your Smartphone

Although smartphones distract studies, they can be great learning tools. They are more portable than laptops thus making them less of a hassle to learners. They are very efficient learning tools especially now that several app developers have started creating educational apps. You will be surprised by the way in which technology has managed to revolutionise education over the last ten years. Teachers can now use apps to aid them in their teaching practices. There are numerous teaching apps released almost every month that can prove to be helpful to educators. Most of these educational apps are free making them even more accessible.

Here are 5 Smartphone apps that have made teaching at home easier.

1. Remind 101

Phones have become text messaging devices and teachers can take advantage of this. They can incorporate the SMS technology to communicate with their students from home. The app is built by renowned developers together with educators to ensure that most education features are incorporated. It has managed to deal with communication obstacles between students, parents, and teachers using smartphones. Teachers are in a position to send messages to students individually or class while at the comfort of their homes. They can remind them about upcoming exams or due dates or just send encouragement words. On the other hand, parents can receive SMS messages notifying them of upcoming events, emergency matters or their child’s progress updates. The app does not allow phone numbers accessibility and communication stays and lives within its interface. Also, it has a great user interface that is simple to use.

2. Explain Everything

As the title suggests, this amazing app helps teachers explain almost everything to their students. Also, this app plays perfectly with other services such as Evernote, Dropbox, iWork and Google Drive. This makes it easy for both learners and teachers to import any material they would like from any of these apps. It requires a bit of learning and mastering of some features before starting with it. However, the learning phase is easy and requires minimal or no instructions. The Fuse Crunch technology website offers the latest technology news, updates features, and events. This information will keep you ahead technology wise.

3. Subtext

Reading books are now becoming outdated, and Subtext app has shown the potential to embrace fully the transition to a digital reading world. It can embed instructions as well as scaffolding into pages of e-publications or digital books. The app allows teachers to layer web links, quizzes, assignments and videos to their students. This makes it a straightforward and interactive tool to engage the students so that they can improve their writing and critical thinking skills. Also, teachers can assess the progress of individual students within the common core standards frameworks. Furthermore, it allows teachers to create student groups to store notes privately while accommodating book blogging and peer collaboration at the end of each assignment or chapter. There is a lot of literature to add to the Subtext bookshelf. Despite its numerous advantages, this app is absolutely free making it a must have app for all teachers.

4. Trello

This app is great for its project management abilities. Also, it is easy to operate and free. It comes in handy to help teachers group their students into project groups at the comfort of their homes. They can as well monitor the progress of students easily. The teacher can monitor the ideas learners are sharing and how the assignments and tasks are being completed. It has a visual interface that can be great to privy learners. Within each task, the teacher is in a position to assign members, labels, attach files, due dates and so much more. They can comment and vote on particular tasks. It has an additional paid system that provides additional features such as more board backgrounds, stickers, larger uploads, custom emoji and more. However, the free version is just enough and will help organise the students. Consider visiting technology websites for all your wearable tech digest.

5. Class Dojo

This app allows teachers to award demerits and merits based on students conduct to their class roster using their smartphone. Also, it helps educators improve the behaviour of their students easily and quickly by behaviour data generation. This data can consequently be shared with administrators and parents. Apart from providing feedback to administrators and parents, it provides students with notifications that can help curb negative behaviour or encourage positive behaviours. Parents can as well use the app to monitor the development of their children rather than waiting for report cards every end term. This helps deal with children misbehaviour quickly.


Smartphone apps have made teaching at home a bit easier. The good news is that most of them are free. Teachers and parents can comfortably monitor the progress of children and help them become better people. Most are easy to use with user-friendly interfaces.

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