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It takes a Team of Best Designers to Transform Design Expenses into Business Investment

“If you think good design is expensive, you should look at the cost of bad design.” – Ralf Speth.

If a company or a business owner says they can’t afford to invest in designs for their business, they truly can’t afford to be in business. Typically, new or small businesses look at designing in two different aspects. Some consider it to be an expense whereas others regard DTP designing or branding activity to be a fruitful investment. The crude fact is that it can be either. To assess how exactly it has shaped up, you need to know how many customers the designs attract and bring to you, and how much they spend.

If designs bring your company more business than what you spent on it, then it is an investment. And if your designs brought your organization less profit than what you spent on it, then it is an expense; so simple isn’t it? But in reality, it is not that simple. The loss-making design, if is really good, is still busy out there getting your name and brand reach the customers; and you would agree that there are long term benefits to it. The secret to successful designs is to find out what works and what does not? Measure, measure, re-measure, adopt and enhance the designs that work and quit the ones which do not.

There are several business owners out there who don’t need to wait for an economic meltdown to have an “expense only” mindset, which happens to be the prime reason for the downfall of any business. Looking at everything as an expense, leads businesses to make decisions based on a survival model and not a growth model; what a pity? Companies or entrepreneurs, starting a business or looking forward to its exponential growth, should not think only about surviving. By doing it they are sabotaging their ability to make strategic design decisions that have the potential to grow and sustain the business.

The emphasis is on the fact that knowing and understanding the difference between what is an expense to your business and what is an investment in your business, holds the key to the success of your company. A research conducted in 2004, comparing high-growth companies to stagnant or negative growth companies during 9/11 and 2002/2003 economic meltdown; witnessed that growth companies continued to invest in spite of those concurrent market dynamics.

Investment in designs for marketing and branding is a standard mode of operation for high growth companies. Irrespective of market dynamics, they are consistent in doing what they knew was necessary based on their growth strategy. The result of their consistent investments cushions the economic blow and allows them not only to sustain but to survive, gracefully. For growth companies, designing is and has to be an ongoing investment and an operational element as to how the company conducts business. Hopefully, facts mentioned above were convincing enough. Still one can consider the design uses and the ways in which they have the potential to impact the revenue and empower your company to progress:

Designs build confidence of customers & increased brand loyalty

Best designers work to your advantage, and their designs in its basic forms represent your brand’s story & function across platforms including logo, website, print, social media, video and much more. So how does it help you?

• The confidence of customers:

Attractive and best designs have the magic to cultivate brand recognition and improve public perception of the product/services that you offer, and overall as a company. The more enhanced value of your product/service or you as a company have in the market, the more it will allow you to charge at the fullest for your services and products. This certainly will increase your revenue.

• Brand loyalty:

Recognition, confidence and consistency will result in brand loyalty. Now you as a company will have to worry less about bringing in more consumers, and instead start focusing on keeping them on your network, in other words – keeping your loyal customers happy. This may make them market your products/services or your company as a whole, without even telling them to do so.

Designs work as marketing extensions as they add value, are intuitive & give ROI as well

If you are not working towards spreading the name of your company, out there in the world, there are more chances of your company going out of business in no time. Marketing is one of the primary tools companies opt for pulling in prospects and improve the reach of their offerings.

• Designs add value:

Implementing good and professional designs is a tell-tale sign that it automatically is going to add value to your prospects. It adds value to your company in form of new leads, sales and overall earning as well.

• Intuitive designs:

A company should be wise enough to hire best DTP design experts as they are equipped to prepare designs which are intuitive, makes functional sense, and smoothly transition prospects into customers. Because these designs are intuitive, they take prospects from point A to point B, without confusing them. Such designs are being asked and paid for at very high prices, as they seamlessly become integral to all sales and marketing pieces.

• ROI – Return on Investments:

Every businessman or every company has the tendency of looking for ROI on anything and everything that they invest, and there is nothing wrong in doing so. But when your sole focus is on marketing campaigns, looking up to ROI becomes secondary. If you don’t believe it, ask someone who has done that and has been there. The easiest way to assess whether designs play a vital role in conversions; test out a non-professional design with a professional one. What a company would have to do is to track as to how many conversions did each of the two designs bring, and then who else, better than you, can judge which is the better investment.


Not to forget, a polished look and feel as portrayed by a design, gives more professional an experience, and even customers also get what they expect from the business they trust. Best design solution providers’ help you deliver what your customers expect, want and need because these designers are the ones who know how to add desires in equations. Seeking assistance from best designers across the industry is also building up a relationship with these designers. This may….no no…this will certainly impact the quality of your designs. Their association with your design and your brand, over years, will translate into consistency and understanding as you grow and they grow with you.

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Ritesh Sanghani is a Director at Hi-Tech BPO and a passionate writer with experience of 10+ years of in Business Process Outsourcing.

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Alex Martin

    March 3, 2020 at 4:09 pm

    This is the best design for investment. Thanks

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