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TAG Heuer Connected

Let’s be honest, TAG Heuer Connected always had the potential to be a champion. The watch manufacturer is most certainly one of the most recognisable brands on the planet, let alone in the entire industry. This level of status combined with the recent and overwhelming smartwatch craze precipitated products selling like hotcakes. At The Watch Gallery alone, our pre-allocation order of 20 pieces sold out in just two days. More than a dozen of these were online transactions with the rest being hunted down in-store.

It could be argued that TAG Heuer are unashamedly opportunistic, but this success is the result of so much more than that.

This self-titled ‘computer on the wrist’ offers a sizeable 46mm; the case and lugs are made with grade 2 titanium finished with a PVD coated bezel. The dial is presented with multiple interactive digital watch faces (you’ve got a total of three to choose from) that are finished with a sapphire crystal touch screen. Versatility is the most formidable weapon here, though: fancy a GMT dial? Just tap the screen. Need something more casual for Thursday night pub? Again, just one more tap.

To emphasise the functionality of The Connected (the main point is to tell the time, let’s be honest), the digital hands and indexes are always visible even when the watch is in ambient energy-saving mode – a great move for the eco-friendly in our midst. An impressive Intel® Atom™ Processor Z34XX system always adds to the overall efficiency; it may all sound a bit technical to the everyday man but its inside is just as good as the outside. Marry this with a Google-crafted operating system and a whole host of connectivity features (audio streaming, Bluetooth, and full Wi-Fi compatibility) and you know you’re onto something good.

Being 100% compatible with Android platforms 4.3 +, the Connected wearer can access the whole range of features on their smartphone. A minimum of 25 hours battery life can be fully charged in as little as 45 minutes by using state-of-the-art contact chargers: no plugs, no cables, nothing. Despite all the modern lingo, TAG Heuer still focuses on the traditional element; each piece can be traded for a fully mechanical Swiss watch when your two-year warranty is up.

The Watch Gallery’s secondary allocation of 10 has a 50-person waiting list (to the back of the queue, please) which argues The Connected’s longevity – techy gimmick, this is not. The Swiss-smartwatch hybrid is proving to be stronger than ever, totalling a third of all global industry sales in 2015. Watch this space.

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