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How to Switch Your Existing Virtual Phone Number Provider

A virtual phone number gives a global identity to your business. Loaded with numerous features, these numbers are different from your ordinary local numbers or mobile numbers.

A virtual phone number gives a global identity to your business. Loaded with numerous features, these numbers are different from your ordinary local numbers or mobile numbers. The virtual numbers are connected through VPN and cloud systems. Additionally, these are accessible from any corner of the world. You can use these numbers for marketing purposes, sales activities or support to your customers as well.

Global companies grow their client bases through telemarketing in foreign countries using virtual numbers. Several virtual phone number providers are presently operational across the world. These operators serve various customers throughout the world.

While you might be using an operator, you may face various troubles and want to change your operator. However, you want to keep your existing number. You may want to switch to a new company for various reasons or you may find lucrative deals with a new service provider.

Reasons for which you might switch your virtual phone number operator

You may consider switching to another service provider for the following reasons:

  • Poor quality calls: In the globalized business infrastructure today, crystal-clear communication is a necessity. As virtual numbers enable you to connect all over the globe, you should ensure that the operators provide you with superb quality services. The sound should not be muffled or disturbed. In case, you experience poor quality calls, it is wise to switch to a new operator.
  • Insufficient features: Virtual phone numbers offer a vast array of feature, some of which perform the role of advanced software. You may look out for different features, like automated response, voice recording, time-of-day routing, call forwarding, voicemail, so on and so forth. These numbers also help you to track your lead generation. The best companies provide all the features at a competitive cost. In case, you notice that the essential features are missing, you can connect to the new service provider and switch the services.
  • The cost factor: It is interesting to note that virtual numbers cut down the overall expenses of your company. From acquiring a toll-free local number to call forwarding, you need not pay as much as you used to pay the ordinary phone operators. Calculate the overall charges you are paying to your present operator. If you feel that you can make further cuts in your expenses, switch over to a better service provider.
  • Unfair deals: Although most of the virtual number operators maintain a good relationship with the clients, you may come across certain unpleasant deals. Legally, you are free to switch your services at any time. However, certain companies might force you to sign a deal that you will be seeking their services for a minimum period. As a result, you may not be able to cut down your costs, if it proves to be inexpensive. Most of the business owners keep away from these companies and switch over to other operators, providing a fair contract.

What is porting of virtual numbers?

Porting of virtual numbers indicates switching to another service provider, or company, while you retain the existing number. The present virtual phone number remains with you, so you simply change the operator to avail better features. This is highly beneficial, as you need not share new contact with your existing customers and associates. They can contact you at the old contact number itself. All you can do is change the service provider from your end.

How to port your existing virtual number

Porting of virtual phone numbers is easy. You can follow these simple steps:

  • First of all, you need to check whether the existing virtual number is active. It should not have any due operational charges.
  • Now, contact the new company and apply with an application. The online platform is sufficient for the entire process.
  • You may have to wait for a couple of weeks for the process. In certain cases, it takes a few days to port your number.
  • The new company contacts your existing service provider. They deal with all the technical issues and resolve the porting process in a short time.
  • As a customer, you have to provide Letter of Authorization, last payment to the old service provider, and the first invoice generated from your old provider. These are the necessary documents to provide to the new service provider.
  • You have nothing to do apart from submitting your request and wait. When the porting process is going on, customers can still use the old number.
  • In the end, the old service provider ceases to provide you with the services. They might send you a notification. The new operators start providing their features on your existing number.
  • Now, you can choose a plan or talk to them for their schemes and payment process.

Normally, you need not pay any fees to port your virtual number. Most of the leading companies do not charge anything for the process. However, certain companies might levy a service charge from their customers for their porting process. It is a nominal charge, but most of the time, you can get it for free.

What features you should look when you shift to a new company

One of the key benefits of using virtual phone numbers is that you have no expense of installing hardware. The entire system is cloud-controlled and you just need to use your ordinary handset. You simply need your phone and internet connection in your office or home. As these companies provide you a number of features, you should choose them according to your need. Here are the key features that you should look out for:

Call forwarding: It is not possible for the Telecallers or other employees to attend calls. Customers may call at odd hours, or at times when it is not possible for you to be in your office. Under these circumstances, it is necessary to activate the call forwarding feature. It enables you to attend incoming calls from any location. The customer’s call the virtual number you provided them with, and it is redirected to your handset. It prevents loss of business and potential clients.

Toll-free numbers: In order to market your products or services in foreign countries, you need to create a local identity. You can choose a number that suits you well. They look somewhat similar to the local numbers of those regions and come with the specific area codes. It helps you to grow your business in remote areas, even in countries where you don’t even have an office.

IVR: It becomes really convenient when your customers reach to the right help. You can set up an IVR for your company so that all your customers can reach to the right place. For example:

  • Press 1 for Marketing
  • Press 2 for Sales
  • Press 3 for Support

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