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SW Proposal Review

swproposalSW Proposal is a SAAS-based application launched in December of 2012. Its full name is Software Proposal Portal. According to, it was created for IT companies and freelancers, providers of custom software development that strive to automate all of their business processes. The system currently provides three major modules with functionalities that include project proposal creation, CRM, and online scheduler. We were also informed that new unique modules are in the making and will be released at the end of the year.

SW Proposal Portal is very useful for anyone working in the IT industry. The system offers project proposal templates with predefined steps to be completed one at a time. It includes a general section for project information, requirements, risks, portfolio, and references as well as a technical section with project details, system architecture, breakdown of work scope, and delivery schedules. Finally, it also features a financial section for budget, payment options, and terms and conditions. Once the proposal has been generated, you can download it or send it via e-mail either in MS doc or PDF format.

The module for software project proposal creation is integrated with CRM, which supports tracking and management of the negotiation process. The customer relationship management options of this tool are rather traditional: You may add/delete client cards, track and manage negotiations, events, appointments, store-related documents, and save other information about clients as well as keep and track information about all your sales activities. If you are starting new communication processes with your clients, it is helpful to use the online scheduler along with the CRM functionality.

The online scheduler will help you to manage your time and to plan your work processes and project work load. It allows you to create, modify, or delete new events, set priorities, add details, and more. When planning your activities, you will receive reminders via e-mail about the events in order to help you manage your workflows properly. If you use the three functionalities together (proposal creator, CRM, and online scheduler), you can shave a lot of time off your business processes just by streamlining all of your activities in this one tool.

Finally, the Software Project Proposal Portal offers an opportunity for information. It includes a blog that is updated on a regular basis, with articles devoted to the latest business topics, such as starting your own business, effective sales methods, strategies, and suitable approaches for successful business development. As a regular reader of the SW Proposal blog, you not only get the latest news on trends in the IT industry, but also have an opportunity to ask important questions, comment on articles, or just share interesting information with your friends.

The Software Project Proposal is a modern tool designed to assist with today’s business world that continuously seeks to reduce costs, save time, and lower effort invested while improving the level of productivity, effectiveness, and profit of an organization. Many companies today strive to automate most of their business processes and operations in an effort to increase their productivity. A software tool can be an ideal instrument for you to various benefits through one source. SW Proposal gives you an opportunity to automate your processes through a variety of features.

It is important to understand that there are numerous software tools on the market today, which offer similar functionalities as SW Proposal. The most important feature of SW Proposal, however , the one that distinguishes it from the others, is that it offers several functionalities in one tool, thus allowing you to automate and synchronize your business activities, leaving you more time for your other important work. Most software tools on the market specialize in one business process only – either proposal creation, or customer relationship management or something else entirely. So in order to utilize one of them, you would have to integrate the system with yet another one. Using SW Proposal saves you the integration effort. Just use the portal for a multitude of activities and reap the benefits.

Hopefully the SW Proposal team will add even more functionalities to the system so that its customers can get yet further benefits from using the system, such as communication chat, analytical option, and other modules. For now, SW Proposal offers a free 30-day trial version, affordable prices, software proposal templates, teamwork capabilities, several functionalities, and strict specialization in IT, which makes it particularly helpful for IT freelancers and companies.

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    I find this post useful everytime I read. Well-done

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