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What Should a Supervisor do in Case of a Workplace Accident?

An accident can happen anytime, anywhere. It is the duty of everybody working in any given workplace to take precautions to prevent accidents. However, different individuals have varying levels of responsibility at a work site.

Common workplace misadventures

The risks of injuries differ from place to place. Workers on commercial sites face different kinds of injuries, whereas, office jobs expose workers to other kinds of accidents.

  • Overdo: Carrying, pushing, pulling, lifting, holding, and in other words, using one’s body to assist in moving an object can lead to injuries in jobs that require physical activity.
  • Fall: Employees can get hurt severely by slipping, tripping or falling in the workplace.
  • Repetitive motion: Rigorous typing on a computer for long periods, continuous stitching of clothes, or lifting boxes can lead to non-orthopaedic or muscular injuries such as carpal tunnel syndrome.
  • Machine-related injuries: Industries that utilize heavy machinery come with the inherent hazard of workers’ limbs getting caught or the worker’s entire body being crushed by the machinery.
  • Automobiles: Drivers can encounter catastrophe while on duty.

Supervisor’s responsibilities

An employee who gives direction, instruction, and controls the laborers to complete the assigned tasks can be classified as a supervisor. He or she may belong to the management or the staff level. In a work environment, this person has the primary responsibility for the health and safety of the workers.

  • Ensures the employees’ safety and health are taken care of through training and preventative programs;
  • Makes the workers aware of the possible hazards and provides warnings and instructions;
  • Checks whether protective gear and devices have been provided to the workers and whether they are in working order.

What can you do as a supervisor if there is an accident on the job?

Contact medical emergency personnel immediately if the accident involves an emergency. Do not assume others have done it. If the accident is not an emergency, summoned the company’s medical staff or nurse as soon as possible. Record the accident in writing immediately no matter how minor you believe it is.

What can the supervisor do if he/she cannot accompany the injured worker?

If the supervisor is unable to accompany the affected person to the doctor’s office, he/she must call the clinic and inform them about the employee’s injuries. He must ensure a call back after the man/woman gets there and the checkup is completed.

Leading by example

Follow the safety procedures accurately if you wish your crew members to do the same. Always check whether everybody is following safety rules, and if you notice any risky behavior, rectify it. You must understand your company’s potential liability. You must accept the fact that safety and security are vital parts of your job, and not something enforced by the upper management.

Looking after the safety of the entire work environment should be an integral part of a supervisor’s daily schedule. You, as a supervisor, must develop the right attitude about the significance of workplace safety. Your determination will help others adopt safe working habits to avoid accidents in the workplace and keep everyone safe.

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