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Suffering from Work Anxiety? Here’s How to Manage It

Work anxiety or any other, at the very foundation, is anxiety. Period. Those of us who are cursed with it would understand that in many ways, it seeps into our minds at the most unannounced times, and suddenly the simplest of tasks seem like a struggle.

It gets even trickier when you are experiencing anxiety or an anxiety attack at your workplace. That’s a whole different ball game. There are a few ways you can manage your workplace anxiety; by all means, it is no shape or form a cure to it, but a way you can give yourself a breather.

But before we dive into the ways you can manage your workplace anxiety, let us speak about the ways it hinders once daily routine, quality of life, and work productivity. Anxiety is a bully; only you conflict with yourself. Many people have spoken about how anxiety has been affecting their performance at work and their work relationships. Not only this, their deadlines are affected, and they have difficulty dealing with people, clients, or any work-related stress that they would otherwise easily cope with.

One of the best things you could do to battle your state of anxiousness is to be mindful of it. This would give you some form of control over your state. Think of it as a bully within that you will not allow to overcome you, especially not at your workplace. Next, you devise the perfect plan to battle it. The plan should be geared towards your general well-being, including eating healthy, getting adequate rest, some social activities that you enjoy, and a nice set of workouts.

If you haven’t rolled your eyes yet on this, then let’s move on to the ways you can manage this bad boy called ‘anxiety.’

Reach Out for Help

As much as it is great to say “yes” to the incoming work without even knowing how to execute it properly, you may suffer from unnecessary anxiety when you fail to meet the deadlines. One of the best ways to tackle this is to be open to reaching out when you are stuck or unable to produce the quality work you aim for. This will also show your superiors or managers your dedication to your work and your will to deliver it to the best of your abilities.

Apart from communicating clearly with your supervisors, you can also get professional help. Yes, you can do that without having a shred of shame within you because you are only human, and there are great resources available for you to use to improve your life and ultimately yourself. Life sciences consulting is one area that ensures such organizations thrive in one way or another; you do not have to worry about wasting your time or money.

Avoid Triangulating

If you are not familiar with the term, it can be summed up as bonding with one person by gossiping about a third person. Venting or gossiping about co-workers and getting short-term release might feel great temporarily, but it starts cultivating a toxic environment. Such triangles include speaking ill about someone behind their back, criticizing someone in a group without their knowledge, and of course, using someone as a scapegoat.

Such situations only induce more anxiety when dealing with someone face to face and communicating what has been bothering you; you seek refuge elsewhere. To curb a potential trigger for your anxiety, you should approach them and reach a proper resolution. This will help you start on a good note the next day and be relieved of any potential anxiousness that may have followed through the entire week otherwise.

Set Realistic Deadlines

People who suffer from work anxiety tend to bring it upon themselves by taking on more work to manage and set deadlines that are far from being justified. What follows then? A series of panic attacks and anxiety that seems like an unending loop.

What you can do is be upfront and honest about how much you can have on your plate. Not only will it save you from anxiety but also from looking bad at your workplace. Being honest about the workload will also allow your supervisors and managers to divide the work evenly and as efficiently as possible.

Use Neutral Tone

So far, we advised you to avoid gossiping and any bickering about your co-worker behind their backs and instead confront them head-on in a friendly manner. Next, we would advise you to keep a neutral tone of voice around everyone at your work, especially when facing a conflict or disagreement.

Lastly, Do not take anything personally. Period!

Become a problem solver, even if you are at the receiving end of it all. When you start acting like a diffuser, you keep your work anxiety at bay and keep your surroundings peaceful.

Bottom Line

There is much that you can do yourself to curb your work anxiety. It is best to seek refuge within and bring the necessary changes rather than to blame the external factors, which are valid. I hope this helped you somehow, and that you are on your road to becoming a better version of yourself.

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William Slattery brings over 35 plus years of senior executive experience to his position as President and CEO of Nieuw Amsterdam Advisors. He is regarded as one of the top marketing experts in the Life Sciences industry noted for combining a calm demeanor with a shrewd negotiation skill set that allows for navigating the most challenging business environments on behalf of his client firms.

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