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Strategically Position Tech Businesses Through Coaching

Life is the time we spend on earth represented by the dash on our tombstone after we pass away. It is a series of moments, memories, and situations. They can help shape us in general terms or define us in specialized areas. When it comes to these special areas of life, often times we may need some assistance from another person in order for us to succeed the way we hope to. Enter a coach. Coaches can help athletes, singers, actors and they can even help with general life situations like business coaching.

Networking Has Tremendous Benefits…

Does your management team understand the importance of networking? Is your business networking the correct way? Do managers share information internally and/or externally? Do they understand how much can be gained by effective networking? If not, it is either time to get some training for the management staff or change management completely. If you answered “no” to any of these questions, your business is not competitive and has very little future.  Or maybe brain training is needed.

Research has shown that stress and poor mental health accounts for over half of all working days lost every year. Keeping this in mind it seems strange that companies don’t take more interest in their employees’ mental health. With more people than ever taking time off work or even quitting their jobs because of stress in the workplace, cognitive behavioral therapy seems to be the solution. CBT has proved to not only be highly successful in the therapy room, but also in business coaching.

..Yet Has Tremendous Myths

Many organizations and individuals recognise the value of professional coaching as a means to improve productivity and ensure organisational growth, through enhancing the knowledge and skills of the leaders and executives being coached.  However, despite its widespread acceptance, there are still some who are sceptical of coaching as a development tool, perhaps due to the misconceptions and myths that surround it. Apparently, some people believe that, once you’ve made your way up the corporate ladder, there’s no longer a need for training or other development programs.  In terms of business presentations, for example, that couldn’t be further from the truth.  In fact, it ties in well with coaching.

If you’re getting ready for a business presentation, I am sure you are looking for ways to make it stand out. You know that your bosses, your coworkers, or you potential clients have already seen hundreds of presentations. They may have already sat through several presentations even just that day. So you don’t want to bore them to death, and you don’t want to present them with a presentation that is just like all of the others that they’ve seen. You want to have a presentation that will stand out, and that will keep your audience interested.

Coaching Models

Decades passed by and one thing that has made the fashion industry flourish is modeling. There would be no ramp without models and no fashion show complete without the catwalk until and unless the mannequins could walk. Models are now tagged with brands and designers. Fashion trends change from time to time. But who changes the trend remains a debatable question. It is a common saying in the fashion industry “what is in today, is out tomorrow” but we always see history repeating itself. What was once considered out of fashion is brought back to Fashion today.  Companies like Model Management, located in tiny Cyprus, have helped models succeed with accurate coaching, connection sharing and advice where others have failed.


“I get by with a little help from my friends,” sang The Beatles. And it’s true. We all get by in life with the help and assistance of others, particularly in running our businesses, whether modeling or marketing. To make your ventures successful, you work hard and make smart decisions but you also know when to reach outside your business to get help in certain areas. Whether it’s hiring a janitorial service, an IT firm, Model Management or an SEO agency, you often seek agencies to assist you with specialized tasks. Very few companies can do this all on their own.

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Dave is a 20-year veteran in the journalism industry. He reports on tech, social media and healthcare news.

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Luis

    April 12, 2013 at 3:02 am

    Another good article, Dave. It’s true that coaching is a powerful beneficial tool and forming relationships through networking can help spread your site around the sites that cater to your niche.

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