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Still Using A “Dumb” Phone?

From office workers to parents and even grade school students, it seems like just about everyone has switched to a smartphone these days. A few traditionalists, though, are still sticking to traditional mobile devices, and maybe for good reason.


After all, opting out of a smartphone saves you money, and possibly time and stress. Just think of all the time your colleagues spend on Facebook, or checking their work e-mail. However, is it worth it to be behind your peers? Read on to find out why holding off on buying a smartphone may not be worth it.

Low-Quality Options

With most people using smartphones these days, it’s just not profitable for phone companies to make standard cell phones. Fewer and fewer new “dumb” phone models are appearing on the market each year. With some providers, it’s even to the point that the phone you get now won’t be available at your next upgrade. Unfortunately, that means the “dumb” phone you choose could cost you in the long run.

Wasted Time

Just ask any smartphone owner — these powerful little devices make life more convenient. With increasingly innovative apps, you can accomplish just about any task in less time than you thought possible. There are apps that let you spend time online ordering dinner, one-click clothes shopping, and diet management. In other words, if you don’t have a smartphone, you’re wasting time on these basic tasks.

Decreased Productivity

Smartphones have tons of great productivity features and apps to help you work from almost anywhere. If you aren’t using one, you’re missing out on opportunities to work on the go. Don’t answer e-mails or draft letters when you’re home and can be doing something else. Instead, complete these tasks on your smartphone while you’re on the bus or waiting to meet a friend.

Lost Opportunity

Since so many people use smartphones, you’re really behind the times if you don’t own one. Unfortunately, that means you could be missing out on business opportunities that involve smart phones. As thousands of companies around the world are realizing, if you don’t have a mobile website, you may be alienating potential customers. Many people have also made a nice chunk of cash in app development. Wouldn’t you like to get in on some of that profit?

Less Fun

From puzzles to sports and word games, there are tons of great games available for smartphones. During your next coffee break, why not spend a few minutes playing one of them? You’re sure to feel a bit more refreshed and ready to tackle your workload afterwards.

Besides games, you can do a lot of other fun things on your smartphone. Whether you stream movies, download music, or catch up on your favorite TV shows, you’re sure to have a great time while you’re on the go!

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Katie Elizabeth is a freelance blogger and content coordinator with experience in several industries, including panasonic telephone systems firms , real estate and online ordering restaurant. When she's not writing, she loves traveling and listening to music.



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