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Steps to Prepare for an Employee Background Check

You have applied for the job and been called for an interview as well. You may have even got through to the second round where most employers will either finalize or tell you that you are not suitable for the position. Now, at this point, you will be required to go through an employment screening in most cases where the organization would like for you to undergo a process by which they will be able to verify your candidature and validate all the information provided by you.

Now, you have applied, gotten through and want this job very much but how do you ensure that you don’t lose it simply because your background check came back with a negative result? Well, the simplest answer is, don’t lie about your vital information in the name of dressing it up. But, what about when you didn’t even lie but your screening still comes back negative?

If this has happened with you before, the reason must be that there was some form of error or manual discrepancy in the information provided. Now, this could be because of an oversight or a recent change in information which you may not have updated on the resume. How do you pass through an employment screening process or background check in California etc. with flying colors? Well, the answer is, it’s not too hard!

Let us take a look at how this can be achieved:

Resume- Begin with the first piece of information about yourself that you send across to the prospective employer. This is by all definitions the first document of yours that any employer will review and you must ensure that all the information on it must be accurate and genuine.

Now, if you have already gotten through to further rounds of the vetting process, you may already have submitted copies of your resume more times than one. This is where it is necessary to understand that you have a last chance at making the change and alerting the company about it before it is sent out to a screening agency.

Credit report- No one would want to hire someone who is either incapable of managing their finances or has run into debt because of other bad habits. It may indicate a gambling, drinking problem etc. to them which is a red light to them.

This may potentially push you to the back of the shortlisted candidates. Get a copy of your own credit report and have it assessed. Remember to pay your debts on time.

Personal verification- The information about your social security number, motor vehicle licenses etc. must be accurate. In most cases, these are commonly used to retrieve information on the candidate, any possible criminal records as well as any other charges levied against them.

References- Make sure your job references are informed in advance about such an interview and that they are on your resume in the first place. You may also want to update their information so that the employer can get through to them in time.

There are a number of reputed employment screening agencies like The Source, who can also be hired to have a background check done on you and find out the results.

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Established in 1995, The Source Personnel Information Service provides timely, accurate and cost effective background checks, employment screening, education verification, credit checks, drug tests, driving records and much more for over 15 years. We do live searches in each and every county court exposed through our extensive screening process.

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