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Staying Anonymous With A Proxy Server

Without a doubt, the Internet is one of the greatest innovations in history. It has empowered billions of people, assisted the overthrow of rulers, is a tool used for the education of the masses, and has leveled the playing field in many industries as well as creating industries of its own. A whole thesis could be written about the positive effects of the Internet. However, just as dynamite was invented with good in mind, the Internet is not free from perfidious uses.

Have you ever wondered why after conducting an online search for hotels in Thailand that you are bombarded with advertisements from travel companies and the like when you are checking out the football results? Suffice to say it is not a coincidence.

The price for using the Internet is a loss or invasion of your privacy. There are many who would argue that if you have nothing to hide then this should not concern you. These are often the same people who are big fans of social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter where your every detail is available for the world at large to ponder (and abscond with should they see fit). Of course, that is their prerogative.

If you value your privacy though, what choices do you have if you want to continue using the most powerful tool at your disposal? Google is not going to stop tracking your every move, and even in the guise of wanting to provide you with a tailored search experience, rest assured that these multinational conglomerates do not have your best interests at heart – “do no evil” is easier said than done when the devil is in the bottom line. There is a solution though.

A proxy server is a server that acts as your representative on the Internet. When you use a proxy server to conduct a web search, your search is forwarded to the proxy and it is the proxy that forwards your query to the relevant server. It is also the proxy that receives the response before forwarding it to you. Consequently, your IP address is hidden from the “other side” of your search.  The proxy server is often located in a different country to your location. With a proxy, you can surf the Net anonymously. One more piece of advice; even though there are numerous free proxy servers, you may also buy a proxy service. The choice is yours!

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