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Some Reasons Why You Should Choose Dedicated Hosting Over Cloud

When the time comes to select the right hosting for your business, there are so many choices that you can avail. You have to look for the specific needs prior making the decision between dedicated and cloud servers. Every business has some distinguished services and they may require a solution that fits in their budget range as well as deliver high performing results.


With the imperative business aspects like scalability, accessibility and flexibility, many businesses are inclined towards a perfect solution that matches with their objectives.

Dedicated server hosting-

Companies with a big budget may choose the option of dedicated server for handling high-traffic and maintain the all-time availability. Moreover, if you require a high level of security and the comprehensive control over your web hosting to run the multifaceted business applications, then without any chaos you can prefer dedicated server hosting solution.

Cloud server hosting-

Now, come to other most cost-effective option, i.e. cloud hosting that is becoming a rage to most of the businesses. Many organizations are moving towards cloud due to significant reasons, including reliability, scalability, cost-effectiveness, and elasticity. In addition, if they choose cloud servers on their own private network, they may be interested in giving multiple user accessibility across the world. The enterprises with multiple applications will create their own private cloud to gain several benefits.

Here are some important points that represent why you should still go for dedicated hosting services-

Performance- When comes to this feature, a dedicated server offers the best performance and it is especially true in terms of disk IO. With most cloud networks, the resources and underlying storage are shared among multiple users, it can cause disk IO to be unpredictable. You may experience the slow down when large amount of write request arrives to the storage array. It happens because most cloud vendor offers large storage capacity, but not the faster storage.  So, this may be the reason of lacking with performance in cloud infrastructure.

Transparency- Transparency is a key to resolving complicated performance and reliability problems. When the things come to cloud, it often obscures hardware and network configuration problems. With cloud, you share the computing resources like RAM, CPU and network with other users. Thus, it can result in temporary outages and performance issues.  However, in dedicated server, one can easily check out the hardware and overcome the issues.

Redundancy- In cloud, most of the people are not aware about the misconception of redundancy. A node in cloud network is no longer reliable as compared to single dedicated server. It is because the fact that a cloud node is just a commodity server minus the storage. If that node terminates, so does your workloads. This scenario completely resembles the CPU, RAM or power supply failure on a dedicated server.  Even with the cloud infrastructure, you have to build the redundancy into the system. Due to the added complexity, and lack of transparency, you will automatically find out that   single cloud instances are less reliable as compared to dedicated server counterparts.

While considering these aspects, you will get accustomed to the fact that dedicated server hosting is the more privilege option rather than cloud hosting environment.

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