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Social Media Practises That Will Boost Your SEO

You must have heard a countless number of times that SEO and social media go hand in hand.  Due to this fact, you need to come up with social media techniques that will allow you to easily boost your SEO. To help you out here are some of the techniques that you can use:

Increase the number of your social media followers

As you must know by now, the more the number of times that your content is shared on social media the more the links you get and higher up the rankings that your site rises. Unfortunately, you can’t get many shares if you don’t have many followers. If you go through sites such as Fiverr and others you will find some people selling Facebook and Twitter followers, but these won’t add any value to you as most of them are bot generated and as a consequence, they won’t share your content. Search engines also have the ability to know real and fake followers thus they don’t give you much respect if your followers are fake.

To be on the safe side you should build real followers slowly by being interesting, sharing valuable content, and encouraging conversation.

Make use of Hashtags

I was talking to an older friend the other day and he mentioned that he referred to the current generation as the hashtag generation. Hashtags not only show that you are part of a conversation, they also make it easy for content to be found. When posting content on your social media sites, make it your habit to include a hashtag. Even if you aren’t part of a conversation, hashtags help you in optimizing your content. For optimization purposes, you should use your target keyword.

Include your link in your social media posting

Traffic and retention time are two important factors that search engines use in ranking your site. To encourage traffic to your site you should include a link back to your site in your social media posts. Some sites such as Facebook and LinkedIn will allow you to include the entire link to your site, but sites that restrict you on the number of characters that you can use such as Twitter, it’s wise that you shorten your link using URL shorteners. You shouldn’t use your link when you want to share the content that you just published—also share your link when you feel your content will answer a question that a social media user has asked.

To ensure that readers stick to your site always deliver what you mentioned on your post. If you promised to help people make the most from SEO courses, give them valuable information about the topic. As rule of thumb never promise cows and deliver rabbits. If you don’t deliver what you promised, people will leave as soon as they land on your site and this gives search engines the impression that your site isn’t of value to your users. Due to this search engines rank it lower.


These are some of the social media practices that will help boost your SEO. If you are interested in detailed information about the topic, there are plenty of SEO training programs that you can use.

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Google and Bing Certified, Trained Students Of IIT Kharagpur, Montpellier University.Visionary Entrepreneur and Trainer.

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