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So, What is IoT?

For those unused to the term is tricky to explain what is IoT or the Internet of Things. A metaphor might help. If you look at the internet as analogue television, then the Internet of Things may be thought of as digital. Or you can see the internet as a stream and the internet of things as more of a lake structure. It’s a way of thinking about how the internet works which goes beyond just websites, emails and even apps.

How the IoT Differs from the Usual Internet.

The usual internet can interact with the internet of things but in the main it is all about devices, from a Google Home device to all the robots in a factory. It is all about being able to control these devices both from a distance and effectively to make a better service or a better company. They both operate through a similar modulating demodulating (modem) system but they have a different way of thinking.

What are the Top IoT companies?

Most of the biggest IoT companies you’ve probably heard of, as they are also big names in the main internet, businesses like the Microsoft Corporation, the Samsung Group and Intel. It seems more companies which only seemed to operate in the worldwide web are now moving into this industry. It is a big market creating the right devices for specific needs that can be programmed as well as respond over the internet.

There are few new innovators you might not expect, such as General Electric, the big electricity giant in the US and car manufacturers like Rolls Royce. The idea seems to be making their products more responsive to customer feedback as well as knowing where a product is before it is has been delivered part of the service.

Which Of The Top IoT Companies Are Making Unexpected Waves?

In a sense, this is a new field, so any company moving into the Internet of Things is looking for novel ways to make their presence felt. The creation of Narrowband IoT by DHL may seem strange in a world used to broadband. However, it is all about creating control using the less amount of power possible. Huawei are also developing a similar form of Narrowband system.

Nexiot, in contrast, is looking for ways to crunch big data and locate products in transit, whether on rail, on ships or in customs. This is the probably the biggest concern when you are dealing with logistics. SAP’s Leonardo is a similar way that customers can obtain this kind of data quickly.

How Can You Get Involved?

By reading this you are evidently interested in an internet that works better for objects and devices, although you may not yet know how to relate it to your company. The whole reason for development is to look for new ways to help your customer expand. After all the internet shouldn’t be thought of something flat but something interactive.

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