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How to Choose a Gaming Mouse for your Needs

These days, choosing a gaming mouse is not easy. There are loads of choices available, made by different manufacturers, and they all come with varying features.

These days, choosing a gaming mouse is not easy. There are loads of choices available, made by different manufacturers, and they all come with varying features. Also, the problem is that one mouse that may be good for someone may not work the same way for others. So, how do you choose? The first thing you need to do is decide what you want a gaming mouse for. Obviously, you want to play games, but there are different kinds of games. There are RTS, FPS, RPG and MMO games and the choice of mouse for each category may be different.

Online guides like that of OneCrack Gaming provide some of the best options for gamers, but how can one choose one from the many? Listed below are the features you should consider:

Laser Beams

Lasers have made everything better and the same is applicable to gaming mice. There used to be a trackball mouse and then they made a massive jump to optical ones. The current lasers have also made a lot of difference as they bring out accuracy. As compared to their optical counterparts, laser mice are very precise due to which they are able to offer fluid motion that’s ideal for gaming as well as photo editing. They offer higher resolution, which leads to more dots-per-inch or DPI.


High DPI is very similar to a tool and it is perfect for some jobs. Put simply, DPI refers to mouse sensitivity based on hardware and is actually accurate. Even a slight movement of a mouse with high DPI will lead to precise movement on the screen. Hence, games that require high precisions will require gamers to have a mouse that boasts a high DPI. Some mouse even come with a control switch for the DPI so you can control its capabilities and use it for other less-precise tasks as well.

Polling Rates

A mouse’s polling rate refers to the rate at which it reports its position to the computer. It is measured in Hz. In contrast with DPI, the concept of diminishing returns is applicable to polling rates. A low polling rate will appear unresponsive or choppy like around 125Hz. Most expert gamers agree that the ideal polling rate is 500Hz. Some gamers prefer to get a mouse with 1000Hz polling rate, but this may not be a practical decision.

Wired Vs Wireless

This decision is nothing more than a debate between reliability and convenience. No matter what manufacturers claim, wireless will never be as reliable as wired mice. Wireless mouse do have the potential of increased latency in communication between the computer and the mouse. Radio waves are used by all wireless mice and since they are not direct, they might be susceptible to interference. Wired mice also come with their own problems like the wires are cumbersome, ugly or too short. Improvements have been made and now wires are long, lightweight and dressed in a sleeve.

You can consider these factors and choose a gaming mouse as per your requirements.

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Leona McRae

    January 10, 2019 at 4:54 am

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