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Why Smartphones are Just Not Right for Teens

Smartphones are now involved in daily part of our lives and it is very difficult for us to even imagine a world where mobile phones do not exist. Admittedly, they have made our lives a whole lot easier as we can interact with each other easily, do most of our tasks on it, play games, etc. However, in the hands of children, it might not prove to be such a helpful tool. Kids are complacent and fall for the tricks of people. Without any experience, they are not able to judge what is right and what is wrong, which is why they are easier to target. Although you can use parental control apps to minimize the damage, there will always be a threat. Therefore, it is better to get rid of the smartphone altogether, or at least wait until kids are mature enough to handle the responsibility.

Teens are an Easy Target

Teenagers, in particular, are pretty complacent and excitable. People use their nature to persuade them to get involved in different activities such as drugs, alcohol, and crimes. This would in no way end well for them. This is where your responsibility as a parent comes in as you have to make sure that you don’t hand over a smartphone to your teens. They obviously will not like it but you will have to make them understand the dangers that lie within the usage of smartphones at such an early age.


This is another problem that has been discussed worldwide, though there still seems to be no solution in sight. Nothing affects the kids as much as cyberbullying because they as its victims feel rejected. This sinking feeling is not easy for a kid to endure, which is why some of the cyberbullying cases have resulted in suicide. The worst part of such incidents was that parents weren’t even aware of anything until it was too late. Because children spend most of their time on their smartphone, parents are unable to know what’s happening in their kids’ life. Children also think that they are not anyone important and decide not to tell anyone about anything, and eventually take their own life. Knowing all that, it is important that you keep smartphones away from your child.


Although most of the teens have a high opinion of themselves, they are still kids and you as a parent must realize that. Giving them a smartphone just because they say they want one is not a good move. They are naive and are more than likely to get involved in activities that would eventually harm them. Without any real life experience, kids are vulnerable to everything around them, and people take advantage of their immaturity to influence them into doing something that shouldn’t be done at that age. Be a good parent and keep smartphones away from them for their own good.

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Scott Crone has been writing on tech subjects and SEO for over 6 years.

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