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Smartphone Technology Trends for Your Business

Billions of people all around the world using a portable device every day, it may be Smartphone or it is the tablet. And it presents very good opportunity for the businesses either it is small or big company and brand. Moreover, these latest devices make your day-to-day operations to be much easier.

Big brands are already aware of these, but small businesses? Unfortunately, they are missing out! The issue with some small businesses is that they don’t know the benefit and others are not able to change themselves with latest technologies.

In this guide, we will tell you how mobile revolution can produce comprehensive revenue from your small business. We will also explain to you how mobile technology changing the trends.

Some Facts

The speed of this transformation is so fast that it is hard to comprehend. The amazing growth of mobile is due to plunge in cost since it was introduced in the market. The fact is noticeable:

  • According to Forbes Magazine, 25 percent of top SME (small and medium-sized enterprise) sees a gain from mobile. They are having revenue twice as previous and eight times jobs are being created.
  • 94 percent of SMEs in some part of the world are using Smartphone to manage their business.
  • 67 percents of them who using mobile technology saving more than 150 working hours in a year.
  • The mobile data plans cost for Smartphone has been plunged to 1-2% than the previous decade.
  • The mobile technology is the fastest growing technology ever.

How Is It Significant to Your Business?

From whatever industry you belong, mobile technology is going to change your business. It does really not matter either your business is in manufacturing, retail or services industry.

Your customer can:

  • Track your location and gather important information about your business easily and swiftly.
  • They can compare similar products or services provided other company with yours.
  • Get updated regularly with customer reviews and answer their query.
  • Engage with people directly as much as possible to be.

The businesses already realized the benefits of portable technology are taking the advantages. They know the importance of engagement with a potential customer and more personal services.
Yes! It is the time to go the most growing technology. If you are a bit late, your competitors will be few steps ahead.

The Benefits You Need to Know

The benefits can be simply categorized into three parts and these are as follows:

1. Communication

To enhance the communication by Smartphone through social media to instant messaging and websites, it is very much effective. Direct communication with potential customers any time adds many times value to your business. Getting engaged and instant response will attract fresh customer faster than before.

2. Knowledge

As it is true that your customer has the complete knowledge about you, on the contrary, you also can trace your customers. And no need to say that knowing your clients and customers will help you a lot. Using various analytics soft it will clear all the details – form where they are coming, how people are able to find you. It also gives you the demographic data which is crucial to set your strategy.

3. Response

Lots of useful tools are changing the business experience very fast. As in cloud-based apps allow you to manage your business anytime from anywhere. Consequently, it is increasing the responsiveness that is quick and efficient.

The Steps You are Going to Take

1. Optimizing Website

Generally, mobiles or tablets are with the smaller size of screens than computers and laptops. it needs to have a responsive design so that your business website can be displayed and functioned perfectly on these relatively small devices. There is sort of developments that can design your mobile-friendly website.

2. Web Site Promotion and Social Media Efforts

The most important part of any business is the promotion. And for online promotion, you have to go through building links of your website and enhance the social shares on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and some others. It is very simple that if you are willing to reach more people you need to rank higher. And in this context, you have to gain authority by citation building and guest posting on very good authority sites. Always remember and focus your niche (the type of your business or the service you want to provide). Share all your website content on social media. Mobile users love to spend time here on leisure.

3. Advantage of Cloud

A cloud-based app can be run from anywhere with any device. It can streamline your business. Cloud server stores data securely and it is accessible from anywhere. Cloud software is available from inventory management to POS.

4. Business Keyword and Branding

Choosing your business keyword and creating a brand value is important. So what is required? The answer is consistency. Select the keywords are very much related and well explain your product and services. Pushing them consistently and naturally will impact a long-term and positive result.

These steps will help you to start your campaign. Once you are comfortable and accustomed you surely go further.

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