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Smart Tech for Busy Young Families

Young families are busy. They are juggling running a home, working full-time jobs, and taking care of children. That’s the equivalent of working three full-time jobs all at the same time. The technology they use must be affordable, smart and easy to use.

She just wanted to play dolls and have some cookies. She asked her parent’s Echo Dot: “Can you play dollhouse with me and get me a dollhouse?” And like magic, the tiny device delivered a $160 dollhouse to her doorstep.

The entire idea behind technology is to make things easier for families, not more expensive or stressful.

Young families are busy. They are juggling running a home, working full-time jobs, and taking care of children. That’s the equivalent of working three full-time jobs all at the same time. The technology they use must be affordable, smart and easy to use. Because really, all they want is a nap.

Here’re a few ideas that will help young families tackle their overwhelming to-do lists.

Monitoring Unsafe Areas

Home security is one of the most important issues for any homeowner. Security systems can be costly but the technology is solid. However, there’s a new trend called home awareness that helps people understand what’s going on in their home when they’re away.

Notion is a home awareness sensor that has a simple peel and stick backing. Kits start at $299 and sensors can be activated in less than five minutes. Although Notion sensors can be used to detect movement in any entrance, they can also be used to monitor a gun safe, liquor cabinet, marijuana (now that it’s legal in many states) or prescription medication drawer. This is just one more tool to help keep your kids safe and away from any item they shouldn’t have.

Play with Your Pets

No one really knows what our pets do while we are out. Until now.

For $200, Petcube Play lets you check on your fur family member from your smartphone. Not only does it have a camera that lets you peek into your pet’s day, it also lets you play a laser game directly with your pet. It also has 2-way audio capabilities so you can talk to your pet while you’re away.

Many people feel bad for leaving their beloved pets during the day but obviously can’t stay home all the time. Pet owners make sure their pets are safe and interact with them. While it isn’t a substitute for human companionship, it’s like being able to Skype with your dog while you’re at work.

Use FinTech to Make Smart Money Decisions

Financial technology, or FinTech, helps us make smarter financial decisions, protect assets, and encourage investments. The change from single to married includes a lot more than simply changing your last name. There are tax issues and insurance questions, not to mention the enormous financial changes when you finally have children.

FinTech allows young families easy tools and plans that help to navigate this new world. Ladder is reinventing the way people buy term life insurance with an easy calculator that gives you an instant estimate of the amount of life insurance you should purchase. NerdWallet has lots of helpful calculators, including refinance and cost of living, that helps you make smart choices with your finances.

No one wakes up knowing the answer to every new challenge you’ll face as a young family. It may take years to feel confident making huge financial decisions. In the meantime, rely on FinTech to help you make the best choices for your family and be confident you’re making the right decisions.

Surviving the Chaos of a Young Family

Having a young family is an exciting but busy time. We’re always concerned for our kids (and pets!) safety. We often wish we had an extra hand to help turn on the lights or change the channel. And we’re hesitant to leave teenagers around liquor cabinets because we remember when we were 15 and knew it all.

We are just in the initial stages of where technology will take us. But keeping our families safe, healthy and financially secure will always be our priority. As tech leads the way, young families will find new and innovated ways to apply it to our everyday lives.

And hopefully, find a way to sleep through the night.

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