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Six of the Best Apps You May Have Missed

With both the Google Play store and Apple store being inundated with thousands of apps, some of the handiest, coolest, and most entertaining apps can be easily overlooked. While the important apps like the Chipotle app, Instagram, and Amazon app are still among the top-downloaded, there are plenty of underrated apps that get overlooked in a crowded store. Thus, here are six of the most awesome apps you may have missed:

  1. Next Glass

For any wine or beer connoisseur, or for someone who just wants to remember that drink they had at happy hour, Next Glass is the perfect app. It is a powerful tool that has over 23,000 bottles tested in its system in order to predict what case of beer or new brand of wine you might be interested in. Once you inform the app of your favorite drinks, just scan the label of a new bottle of wine or beer, and the app will reference it against your drink preferences and it will give you a personalized score, the nutritional information, and the volume of alcohol per bottle consumption.

  1. Inbox

Created by Google, Inbox is a new way to deal with email. Inbox bundles similar emails together so you can deal with them all at once. This idea was implemented into Gmail recently, as Gmail broke up email inboxes into three sections: Primary, Social, and Promotional. After testing the theory out, Google released Inbox, which also allows you to set a snooze alarm on certain emails you do not have the time to deal with presently but do not want to forget.

  1. “2 Cars”

On the entertainment side of apps, “2 Cars” assigns you control of two different cars simultaneously, which is actually much more difficult than you might think. There are different challenges and obstacles you have to avoid in order to survive. Not only is this game interesting for the competitive type, it also enhances your cognitive ability to multitask efficiently.

  1. Cookie Jam

This new app took the concepts of Candy Crush and Bejeweled Blitz and melded them into one insanely addicting app. In order to create, box, and sell baked goods, you have to solve each level by completing different tasks. There are hundreds of different levels that get progressively more challenging, giving you the chance to strategize on how to best solve each level.

  1. Facebook Rooms

Rooms is the new way to chat with a particular group of people. You can create a room, invite specific people to join, and you can stay in touch easily. While it is similar to Facebook Messenger, this app is more streamlined to make chatting much easier.

  1. Plague – The Network

This app is the place to share photos and videos. There are no friends or followers, which gives each person equal opportunity for their post to go viral. When you submit a post, it travels to four nearby Plague users. At that time, those users can decide to spread the “virus” or ignore it.

If you missed out on the release of any of these apps, now is your chance to download them and give them a go.

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1 Comment

  1. Arshdeep Singh

    January 11, 2015 at 2:36 pm

    2 cars is it all time.

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