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Shave it Away: 4 Best Electric Shaving Gadgets

Electric shavers have two categories, the rotary and foil. A typical rotary shaver has three or more round heads that move in an orbicular motion. On the other hand, the most common shavers fall into the foil category. This type of shaver has a slim curved piece of metal foil which covers the blade to glide over your face.

Foil shavers are a bit painful to use, especially if you have dry skin. Thus, making it not the ideal shaver to use for those who have sensitive skin and prone to shaving rash. However, for those who have thick, grainy hair, the ideal to use is the rotary shaver as these type of shavers are much powerful and easier to use.

Nowadays, people have become more dependent on technology, and with the situation today, the grooming market is flooded with innovation, particularly when it comes to men’s shavers. Here’s a list of the top and efficient electric shavers that you can choose.

Philips Norelco Electric Shaver 9300

Not only is the Philips Norelco 9300 the most innovative shaver, but it also boasts new features. The shaver has AquaTec technology which makes your shaving experience more comfortable while keeping it dry and refreshing.

It also has 8-directional heads that enhance your shaving by 20%. Not only are its blades efficient, but the shaver’s SmartClean system removes the hassle of cleaning and charging your device. Moreover, you can even adjust the speed for your different shaving needs.

Panasonic Electric Shaver (Wet and Dry) Model: ES-LV95

The ES-LV95 is one the latest Panasonic grooming shaver. This shaver is one of their top performing product. From its great charging and cleaning dock to the product itself, you can say that it’s the real deal.

At first, it can be a bit frightening to use knowing the size of it. But, what’s important is that it can perform well because of its most accurate shaving power. Also, the ES-LV95 is a 100% waterproof which you can choose to have a wet or dry shave.

It’s equipped with five blades and will give you a very secure shave, and a trimming function that can clean for those who want to keep a stubble look. Also, It’s a fast charging predator and gives the user plenty of shaving time.

Braun Electric Shaver, Series 7 7865cc Men’s Electric Razor

The Braun Electric Shaver, Series 7 is an efficient shaving gadget and a second to Philips, though some users prefer a rotary shaver than a foil. The blades of this shaver are quick enough to react to different lengths and types of hairs on the beard.

It can adjust even in denser hair, thus making it effective when shaving your private parts. It’s one the many models that let you toggle the intensity as it has a function where you can increase or decrease its shaving power. If you want to go for foil rather than rotary shavers, then this is the best choice.

Philips SensoTouch (Wet & Dry) Model: RQ1180/22

The Philips RQ118/22 falls on the rotary category which has its blade pivoted to make it more effective when using it to the facial contours. You can avoid having skin irritations when using this shaver as it has less pressure than other shaving gadgets.

It also is a wet and dry shaver so using it with a shaving foam anytime and anywhere will not be a problem. This shaver like the Braun Series 7 also has its charging unit which cleans and lubricates the shaver for the next user.


Technology is fast evolving as are shaving gadgets. Consider having one of these shaving tools to complete not just your morning but your day. As it can improve your look and your hygiene, there’s no doubt that it will be one of the essential products you need to have at home.

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