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Securing Investment in Tech

Finding the right investors for your startup can seem like a daunting task, but this article is here to break it down for you. In this article, you’ll find out what characteristics and qualities venture capital investors look for in their investment prospects and which criteria will help you get picked out of the pile.

Securing capital is tricky waters for any business, including those in the tech world. However, securing software venture capital shouldn’t be hard with a solid plan in place.

The best thing about the tech scope is the stability it offers in the global market. For instance, enterprise software companies were able to withstand all the setbacks from COVID-19. Enterprise software venture capital went up among software companies at the time.

What Investors Look Out for in Startups

If you are looking to secure some early-stage venture capital funds for your startup, take note of what investors look out for in these areas:

Business Model

Investors will certainly look at your business model to figure out if it’s clear and if you have it well thought out. Just by looking at it, a prudent investor can tell how well-planned you are and how much your startup can make, and for how long.

In your business model, including competitor analysis, revenue models, and customer segments.


Commitment is all about proving to the investors just how invested you are and how much you believe in your idea. Risks like quitting your job for this or usurping your savings for the startups go a long way to prove this.

On top of that, they will be interested in just how much progress you have made and the efforts you have made toward said progress. If it’s a product, perhaps you could have some working prototype to show them. Getting on an already moving train is dangerous but not to investors – they prefer this over getting on board for a mere idea.

Market Size

Investors will always consider the size of the market you are seeking to fill to determine the limits of your company’s growth. The latter is determined by how big the market is for the product.

General-purpose enterprise software that serves a large market – for instance – has a huge potential for growth so securing enterprise software venture capital can be a tad easier.

Market size is always a factor regardless of how mind-boggling an idea you have. If the market size doesn’t cut it, sorry but no software venture capital for you. Here’s a secret: many investors are on the prowl for viable ideas over different languages and cultures. Being actionable over multiple languages and cultures means one thing: a large market size and a lot of money!

Risks Involved

Investors throw lots of cash into startups, sometimes literally millions, so it’s only fair that you depict a detailed comprehension of all the possible risks involved. On top of that, they need to know the risk aversion and mitigation strategies you have in place in the unfortunate event that these risks become actualities.

Oh, and while at it, never imply there are no risks involved because it is nigh-on impossible. Conduct your due diligence on risk analysis and be ready for this part.

Why Investors Are Interested in You

I suppose you are ready to meet that investor now and secure yourself the early-stage venture capital funds you have had sleepless nights over. Now, it’s time to know your worth about why investors are interested in investing in software companies.

Measurable Success

Before any investor loosens the strings to their purse, they need to know the metrics of success. Software businesses are great at measuring both revenue performance as well as software success.

The fact that you can track software company performance in real-time is very appealing to investors. With real-time stats and data, being dynamic is super easy. You can easily quantify value and if the investor is getting a return on their software venture capital. From the key metrics, you can also easily identify if any changes are needed and where.

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