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Salesforce to Incorporate Artificial Intelligence System into Its Software

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Salesforce has begun working to incorporate artificial intelligence technology into its software. The company seeks to add predictive capabilities, which will give it an edge over its rivals. Salesforce, the largest provider of customer relationship management programs, is getting the artificial intelligence technology from RelateIQ Inc. The cloud services provider acquired RelateIQ last year for $390 million with the main intention of using artificial intelligence to sort data.


Adams Evans, RelateIQ’s Chief Technology Officer, has been working closely with Salesforce executives such as founders Parker Harris and Marc Benioff, to make the deal come through. According to reliable sources, the talks seek to make it possible for Salesforce units to tap into RelateIQ capabilities. In a recent interview, Evans said that the whole deal is about connecting data back and forth.

Crucial information about how RelateIQ works

RelateIQ employs the use of crude AI technology by the name machine learning to automatically pull out and summarize information from an organization’s contact books as well as email accounts. All this is with the aim of making it simple to communicate with prospective customers. Adams said that he usually spends 70% of all his time working with Salesforce execs to plan products. They also spend time integrating the two company’s technologies. According to Evans, they spend the remaining 30% RelateIQ’s own products.

What does the acquisition mean?

After Salesforce acquired RelateIQ, the latter will continue to come up with its own stand-alone products. Nonetheless, it will allow other Salesforce businesses to reach its systems thereby gaining some of its abilities. A number of weeks ago, several teams from Salesforce’s Sales Cloud division spent an entire day having a meeting with RelateIQ to lay the foundation for their future working relationship. Engineers inspected both organizations’ code to establish particular areas that they could mesh.

Evans was hesitant to share more details on the exact date that the merged projects will turn into products. Salesforce’s spokeswoman Jane Hynes also refused to provide further details. AI technology, Salesforce’s new technology together with the company’s other products will compete in the software field that is filled with several closely held startups such as Clari Inc and Infer Inc.

Why businesses need Salesforce’s automation software

Longer sales cycle, fragmented leads data, and increased competition can turn out to be a dreadful plight for any business. The more effort your team puts to get sales, the more likely you are to feel frustrated by reduced productivity. So what is the solution to this stubborn problem? Instead of slogging in for countless hours, how about you consider getting the same job done in less time. If you want to increase your sales considerably, there is arguably no better way of doing it than by using Salesforce automation intelligence software.

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