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Here Are A Few Good Reasons Why You Should Get Digital Menu Boards for Restaurants

‘Everyone’s doing it’

This is never a good reason to do anything, but since you are in a competitive business, this could be a basic reason for installing these digital menu boards for restaurants. The idea here is to attract as many new people into your establishment as possible while retaining the old customers. Digital menu boards can help you achieve all of this and at the very least, make sure your business is visible among all the flashing lights and motion pictures coming from your competition’s windows.

‘Print has served me just fine’

This is also a common statement among business owners considering digital menu boards. Why move from something that is already working to this ‘unknown’. After all, if it ain’t broken don’t fix it, right? I can understand this, but there are several advantages that digital menu boards have over print, the biggest of which is cost; digital is cheaper than print in the long run. Let me show you how?

  1. Static vs. Dynamic

You know how you want to introduce more options in the menu or change the pricing? With print, there is quite a process to it, having all the menus reprinted and the larger signage outside re-done to include this new information. Some businesses get around it by using chalkboards at the entrance, but that has its own demerits that we won’t discuss here.

The advantage of digital menu boards is that you can change anything you want, as and when you want to, with just the click of a button in the comfort of your office or even from home. Cool, right?

  1. Feedback

A good business owner wants to have feedback from their customers, especially in the food industry. You need to know whether your prices are alright, what food they like and don’t like and why. There isn’t much room for this with print menus and signs. You will have to walk around asking everyone if they are enjoying themselves or endure the embarrassment of those loud customers that cause a scene over bad food or pricing.

Digital menu boards come with facilities to allow immediate feedback from the customers on everything from waiting time to after-sale services. This enables you to make quick decisions that will certainly improve your clientele.

  1. Advertising

When your restaurant is new or you have a new product on offer, you could choose to have fliers handed out to people on the street as a means of advertising. That is usually pretty effective until all the paper runs out and you have to print more. Plus, you may have to keep doing this as long as your business is growing and changing, which in the long run can get pretty expensive.

Digital menu boards can be placed strategically near a window facing the street to display whatever information you need to communicate in an attractive way. People walking by will want to see what’s on your screen and possibly come in to check it out. So, no manpower used and no money spent on print. Sounds pretty good to me!

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