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Safe Online Shopping Tips


Technology has blessed us with many useful inventions. With a hectic lifestyle and lack of time for household work, one hardly gets the time to shop.  To reduce the pressure of weaving through traffic to make purchases, many companies have come up with the idea of online shopping. One can buy almost anything online, at the luxury of his or her home. Products ranging from home appliances to food products, books to clothes to shoes and many other products are sold online. However, one must keep in mind some of the important safety tips presented for online shopping below before buying products on the Internet.

  • Use a credit card: While buying products, one must make use of credit cards instead of debit cards. Credit cards are provided with greater protection from companies. If there is any misuse of the credit card, the transaction can be stopped before damage is done. This is not possible in debit cards as the money would have already been deducted from the card.
  • Compare prices: This is a good guideline for shopping. There are websites dedicated to comparison of online brands and helps one to decide which brand to buy.
  • Only one card: You must use a single card in to buy products from online websites. This will help in keeping a check on transactions made.
  • Use the same computer: If one is a frequent buyer, it is best to use a single computer for the purpose of purchase. It would be better to keep the computer password protected. This helps to keep the computer safe from misuse and Trojan viruses.
  • New browser: You should open a new browser for shopping online. Also, one must avoid using more than one tab for surfing and shopping. For example, one can use Firefox for surfing and Chrome for shopping. After the purchase is made, one must close the browser from which the transaction was made. For new transaction, new browser must be opened.
  • Email links: One must avoid clicking on links that are sent via emails. These links have the potential to introduce virus in the system.
  • Use updated browser: It is recommended that updated browsers must be used for online shopping. Old and backdated browsers like Internet Explorer 6 or 7 should be completely avoided.
  • Note payment gateway: Prior to using the website for online transaction, one must check for the gateway of payment. Normally, a third party is involved in the payment like CCAvenue, PayPal, etc.

By following the necessary steps for online shopping and above-mentioned precautions, one can buy products in a safe manner.

Myke Thomas has been writing on finance and related topics for over a couple of years now. His articles are a good source of information for the readers. He also possesses a great deal of knowledge on the ways to find En Güvenilir Ukash Sitesi. Follow his posts for more details on such topics.

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Myke Thomas is a freelance writer, professional blogger, and social media enthusiast. Her blog focuses on internet bloggers, technology bloggers and telecom bloggers. You can follow him on Google+ and Twitter



  1. Sagar

    May 31, 2013 at 8:28 am

    Hi Myke Thomas,

    Those were some useful tips on how we can enjoy online shopping with security. I do a lot of online shopping but i do it by using debit cards. I totally agree with your point on using credit card for online shopping

  2. Hana

    August 17, 2013 at 10:07 am

    Hello, I’m Hana. And I really love to read your blog as well as the examples that you’ve mention. Thank you so much for this helpful contents. I am looking forward to see more example contents like this.

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