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Role of Internet of Things (IoT) on Travel Industry in 2019

These days, the importance and frequency of travelling have significantly increased. Technology has made online travel booking process swift and seamless for the customers. The travel company can streamline the process, improve the services, and increase operational efficiency by implementing an emerging technology called the Internet of Things (IoT). The IoT technology uses smartest devices for serving the business objectives.

Read on to know how IoT influences the growing travel sector.

Impact of IoT on Travel Business

It is fair to mention that IoT has brought radical changes in the travelling process. IoT app development can make the traveller’s life easy while generating more revenue for the travel company.

Here are the top points that show the impact of the IoT concept on the travel industry.

 1. Brings automation

Automation is the first and foremost benefit of IoT. This technology can take the travel industry to the next level by bringing automation in the key processes. It can make planning and execution of tours more convenient and swiftly than traditional ways. The IoT app developers can integrate features to assist the administration in integrating travel services with a highly efficient and secure mechanism.

Also, the IoT technology can enable travel companies to meet diverse business requirements while allowing them to offer multiple services in a hassle-free way.

2. Streamlines operations

The IoT approach is designed to integrate daily operations irrespective of size and type of business. Travel companies can combine all services and streamline the process. For example, RFID-tags can increase the security of luggage and make the process of scrutiny more effective. Bag sensors can help find the exact location of the bags and prevent any loss.

3. Offers personalised stuff

IoT technology enables travel companies to provide a personalised experience to their customers. The hotel owners provide in-room tablets to their guests for controlling and managing various tasks just by using fingertips. It is easy for the guests to adjust the room temperature, switch the television on or off, lights turning off and on, or schedule wake-up calls.

All these facilities can be provided in a customised IoT-based app also. The guests can download the app in their smart devices and utilise the features as and when they want.

4. Provides in-flight experience

Today, airline seats also have an IoT-based sensor for measuring vital parameters like body temperature, heart rate, and anxiety level of travellers. It helps travel agencies to provide medical help to any of their customers in an emergency. At times, such in-flight sensors can save a valuable life.

5. Gives real-time information

In the competitive business scenario, real-time information can play a vital role because it can save a lot of time and efforts. For example, real-time information can give proper directions to travellers regarding how to catch flights on time. Security, luggage checking, and flight boarding related information are crucial for the travellers especially when they are in a foreign country. Any such information can be given in the form of notifications also through mobile apps.

6. Helps in maintenance

Do you know the IoT application development company can help travel companies to get automated solutions for resolving travel issues? From tracking to the upkeep of various operations, the IoT-based mobile app can work wonders. The app can also manage the back-end operations with ease thereby reducing the administrative cost and increasing productivity.

Also, the updated version of IoT travel apps can help travel companies to maintain smooth and customer-oriented services.

7. Improves customer service

As mentioned above, the IoT enables the travel companies to provide relevant data on time to make the traveller’s journey smooth. IoT can also be used in collaboration with other emerging technologies like AI and ML to provide a seamless communication facility. Altogether, the customers can get improved services that can satisfy them.

 8. Makes travelling seamless

Electronically operated key-cards, tablets, and customised IoT app solution can eliminate the requirement of keeping documents and other necessary things to get access and use amenities. In other words, the IoT technology can enhance the customer’s experience by providing them with a higher level of comfort and convenience.

9. Saves energy and efforts

IoT can save both energy and efforts through bringing automation in the process. A single person can readily manage the power system without remaining present. Also, automated power on-off system can save a lot of energy by switching the lights off and on as and when necessary.

10. Offers location-based information

IoT enables travel companies to provide location-specific details to travellers. The iBeacon technology can also be integrated into the app to send messages regarding the location or route that contain nearby restaurants, specific facilities, and important landmarks. Such information is highly useful for first-time visitors. Also, the visitors can get real-time help on sending notification about their location in abroad.

How to make the most of IoT for improving your travel business

It is of utmost importance that your travel business can get benefits of customised IoT app solution. Here are a few necessary strategies to leverage these benefits.

  • Establish and maintain transparent business processes
  • Data gathered or generated by IoT should be matched with your travel business operations
  • Make a clear roadmap of integrating IoT advancements in your business app; you can consult the travel app development company as well
  • Openness and privacy protection are two significant aspects to win the customer’s trust. If your customers use IoT devices related to your travel business, you need to deal with their data with responsibility

Well, you can hire IoT app developers to come up with smart travel mobile app with improved functionality and desired features. Such an app can give you a competitive edge amid growing competition. It provides a higher RoI in the future while assisting you in providing personalised and enhanced tour-booking experience to your customers.

Wrapping Up

The travel industry is thriving with leaps and bounds globally. The flexible IoT-based travel app can address the needs of this industry effectively and efficiently. It can facilitate app users to book hotels, flights, and other services by using their fingertips. It is fair to mention that IoT can bring major changes in traditional business processes of travel companies. IoT Mobile app development services can assist you in integrating these changes in the process.

We are an emerging IoT application development company that strives to provide end-to-end IoT app solution. We integrate advancements of futuristic technologies to develop innovative and user-friendly software solutions for our corporate clients.

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