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How Education and Technology Evolves

With the fusion of new technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Machine learning, with the education, the education system is bound to evolve in the coming years!

Education has seen a constant evolution through the many ways and means of its dissemination. With steady growth in technological dependence, it is all the more accessible across the most scattered geographical locations. Educators and students, all are basking under the benefits of the great technology shift.

With snowballing dominance in every arena, technology has touched our lives in many ways. It is helping the human race collect data, filter information, and indulge in research and analysis. It is also helping us to evolve our skillset and collect enriching experiences. Not limited to seeking education, the future path of finding a job, and performing it better through various tools is also backed firmly by technology.

A Logical Union

Experiencing a stage of stagnation, the education sector had been dealing with vices like out-dated syllabi; out-dated modes of teaching; irrelevant and redundant content. However, with an ever-increasing reach of technology, we have already begun to witness gradual changes. Information technology has considerably augmented what we can expect from the future.

Larry Berger, who is the CEO and also the Co-Founder of Amplify shares more about the same.

He mentions that they work on digital instructions to enable how educators interact with students today. They re-think and re-do things differently that better suit the interests of the generation today. Digital instructions engage the students more, and they aim to make students better involved with reading and following what they understand by the age of 10 years. Another part of their team focuses on designing a science curriculum in a manner that inspires students to read, think, write, and eventually argue, as the scientists do. They design an ELA curriculum that inspires students to read and write.

Technological interventions are consistent and constantly evolving. As technologies like Artificial Intelligence (AI), Internet of Things (IoT), Machine Learning and the likes are invading the obsolescing education system; we are evolving with it. 

However, you should keep in mind that the full range of modern eLearning technologies does not apply to young children, especially to kindergarten kids. It’s a very sensitive life period when children should learn more about how to interact with the physical world than with virtual reality. So parents should give more preference to common writing worksheets, books, and handworks than mobile games and educational apps.

Let’s Understand Technology Better

 1.    Virtual Reality

This is something that opens doors to incredible interactive experiences. With Virtual Reality, technology shuns the boundaries of classroom education and brings us closer to an artificial setup by making us feel a part of it.

Virtual Reality tends to make any artificial session seem a real-life scenario, wherein, every student is a part of it. Invariably the student acts and responds as he would in a real scene, helping him retain what he witnessed

One of the most prominent VR based classroom platforms is ClassVR. The platform offers a holistic solution by way of the required setup and accessories (VR headsets). Moreover, the content is also aligned and updated to the technology interface. The system is educator friendly, wherein it helps the educator monitor the progress of individual students and deliver personalised lessons.

 2. Artificial Intelligence (AI)

While we humans are the most intelligent, we might have our limitations. However, we have filled that void by bringing in Artificial Intelligence to represent us where we can’t. This technology has adopted human intelligence to act as a simulation, while machines mimic the actions. This culmination of intelligence and capability to achieve what seemed difficult a decade back is one of the most progressive steps in human technology synergy.

Speaking of its foray into the education space, Artificial Intelligence works as an Intelligent Adaptive Learning Engine. This is something that can be customised and personalised basis the user requirements. The system works through illustrations or interactive stories that the user can relate to.

Dreambox that focuses on enhancing learning skills for mathematics, specific to elementary level and high school students, uses this Intelligent Adaptive Learning Engine. What makes it significant is the fact that it tends to customise basis the learning skills and requirements of that set of students.

 3. Augmented Reality

Next in line is Augmented Reality (AR), which works by integrating digital information with real-time user environment. Thereby it tends to override old and redundant information with the new one.

Through this technology, educationists can assist students in understanding a concept better by involving them in 3D modelling of a given scenario. Wouldn’t you be engaged better in an interactive and immensely exciting scenario like this? Students tend to grasp a better understanding of digital content that is packed with 3D models.

Making AR an integral part of our lives is Elements 4D, for service to both Ios and Android operating systems. It is designed specifically for students of Chemistry who can see the reactions generated by the culmination and combination of different elements from the periodic table.

To grasp students’ attention is not an easy play. Other platforms like CrunchGrade, Chegg, Wyzant are striving to do just that by engaging them better in online education. The platform works great for students who aren’t motivated enough through the traditional modes of teaching. The platform allows them to study anywhere they want, anytime they want. Reality driven platforms like these engage them better and offer the desired push.

It’s the present and future that is strongly being driven by technology. Today’s students are tomorrow’s business owners or educationists. And, this digital era is not limited to and what they become. With newer technologies and tools aiding our lives today, its high time education system accepts technology penetration.

 Author Bio – Aditya Singhal is the co-founder of CrunchGrade, an online tutoring platform for students. It is his passion and vision to incorporate technology with education to help students not just thrive but excel through e-learning mediums and tools. He had worked with Kurt Salmon Associates, a reputed American Management Consultancy. Reach out to him on Facebook, LinkedIn here!

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