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You Have the Right to Keep Your Information Safe

Information has reached enormous levels and is exceeding anything ever seen before in storage capacity.  It leaves us to wonder how all of this was ever organized with paper files in the past. Technology has given us a way to gather incredible amounts of information in small amounts of time.  The bigger question lies with the rights to this data. Businesses have to lay claim to their information as well as protect it in a never ending sea of data trafficking.

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Who does it belong to anyway?

The first order of business is to keep hold of any original data that stems from your business.  Once it gets out, anyone can claim unprotected information.  This starts by limiting access to sensitive files and putting proper security software in place.  While many different kinds of information find their way into cyberspace, documents and emails are the current majority that fall into the category of protection by Information Rights Management (IRM).

How are these rights implemented?

Authorization is the name of the game.  If a user does not have the proper authorization information, they can’t view the information.  This is especially helpful in controlling human error.  If an email with a secure document is accidentally sent to the wrong person, it can’t be opened.  This option is put in place by the person creating or sending the document.  This way it is protected from the very start.  The document is protected by IRM when not in use as well as during times that employees are working with the information.  While documents are opened there are security measures in place to prevent editing, screen shots and other unauthorized methods of tampering. Even a simple copy and paste can be prevented. You get to choose what happens to your document and keep it in the condition you meant for it to stay in.  When your secure documents must be sent over the internet, information encryption codes are a common method of hiding data from unauthorized users. Information rights management solutions bring a level of security to your business in a world full of technological safety concerns.

Possible consequences suffered with no protection

While you may not be concerned over few unprotected documents here and there, you should be. Everything you send out has viable information about your business.  While you may think your email was a standard daily dose of information, a competing company sees it as an opportunity to find out what is going on in your daily activities.  Even small amounts of private data can give a computer an advantage over you.  You need to stay on top of the game and protect your assets.

Revenue loss is easily traced to data loss in a majority of cases.  Increased revenue is usually the main company goal and should not be taken lightly.  Businesses shut down, and jobs are lost every day due to failing revenue intake.  A conglomeration of small data errors over time can lead to a loss as large or equal to one major mistake.  No amount of information is too small to protect.

Information rights management uses strict authorization and encryption methods to help maintain proper ownership and control of data.  Your business is your lifeline and should be treated as so.  Be sure to explore all of your protection options for a safer environment.

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