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REVIEW: Why Would Anyone Pay For CommentLuv Premium When You Can Get CommentLuv For Free?

When we wrote our original posts about CommentLuv in 2010 (See below), most bloggers were still trying to understand or figure out what role the plugin played in terms of traffic generation, getting more people to comment on articles and whether or not it had a significant effect on the number of spam comments one may or may not receive. Well, fast forward 2011, Andy Bailey has moved the CommentLuv plugin one significant step further. Not only does CommentLuv now come with many more features, you also have to pay for it. Yes, you now have to spend your cool cash to experience what we are talking about. However, the real question should not just be how much CommentLuv Premium costs but whether the new improved plugin is really worth paying for?

Read more about CommentLuv:

CommentLuv Premium comes with at least 7 major plugins in one. That in itself is an improvement considering the fact that you no longer have to click ‘Add New’ 7 times in order to get the job done.  These plugins include the following:

  • CommentLuv: Consists of the original CommentLuv functionality i.e. adding readers’ last blog post URL to comments and a lot more.
  • Twitter Link: This adds an extra field to a typical comment form that will allow readers to add their Twitter username to comments.
  • G.A.S.P Anti-Spam: Need I say more? Read this article
  • KeywordName: Similar to KeywordLuv but does more and stores keywords separately from names in the database.
  • Dashboard Widgets: Statistical analysis straight from your WordPress dashboard.
  • Top CommentLuvvers: Configurable widget to display top CommentLuv commenters in the sidebar.
  • DoFollow: To set reader-links to nofollow or dofollow for example, after 3 comments.
  • Trackback Validation & No Self Ping: Self explanatory

Whilst the new CommentLuv Premium is quite impressive, so far I’ve been most impressed by KeywordName, the import/export functionality and CommentLuv’s social extras that encourage readers to share or like an article in return for access to up to 10 posts links to choose from. Overall, merging all these functionalities into one reduces the awkwardness of having too many plugins installed on your blog and indirectly improves your site’s performance and reliability.


In a similar way to original CommentLuv plugin which divided opinions among Web administrators, deciding whether or not to upgrade to CommentLuv Premium will be highly dependent on whether or not you have a favourable opinion of the original version. However, one thing that cannot be questioned is the commitment of its creator, Andy Bailey, to this project. Personally, CommentLuv has been of great help to this blog without causing any significant increase in spam comments and we will definitely be upgrading. So then, I will leave you to make your mind up but whatever choice you make, you can be sure that the CommentLuv Premium plugin can only get better, and that in itself is a scary thought considering the amount of progress made so far.

CommentLuv Premium sale is currently on for 7 days at a remarkably low introductory price (at the time of writing this post). A one time payment will give you instant access and an unlimited licence version which can be installed on all your blogs and/or Website. Meanwhile, you can click on the image below to DOWNLOAD:

The CommentLuv Plugin

VIDEO: CommentLuv Premium Main Settings

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