RESULTS: Does CommentLuv Boost Site Traffic?

commentluvnetworkLast month I wanted to find out whether using the CommentLuv plug-in would increase the number of comments I received on this Website (Read First Post here). So I decided to conduct a wee experiment and installed the plug-in. The plan was to compare the total number of ย comments received from 01 – 30 April with those received from 01 – 31 March. The results I got are very interesting and are as follows.

For better and easier understanding, these results have been divided into two groups i.e. March results and April results showing the total number of non-commentluv comments, pingbacks and commentluv comments received with an overall score within the same period. More details are shown below.

March Results

Non-CommentLuv Comments: 85

Pingbacks: 175

TOTAL : 260


April Results

CommentLuv Comments: 46

Non-CommentLuv Comments: 129

Pingbacks: 105

TOTAL: 280

From the above results, it appears that CommentLuv made very little difference to the number of comments received in April. The total number (including Pingbacks) of comments received in April was very similar to that of May while majority of those who commented on articles did not use the plug-in.


My conclusion is that the CommentLuv plug-in should not be totally written off because in blogging every visitor counts and if all you get is one more reader of your blog, it might well be worth it. Furthermore, contrary to what some bloggers have said that the plug-in increases the amount of spam comments in participating sites, my experience was quite the opposite. There was no increase in the number of spam I received in April as a result of using CommentLuv. Finally, I observed that most visitors who took advantage of the plug-in did not actually return. Perhaps, this was because all they were interested in was dropping their Web links in as many sites as possible.


I will continue to use the plug-in. While it is not the magic comment or traffic booster we all dream of, it is still worth giving a try.

Talking Point

How would you interpret the above results? Do you agree with my analysis?

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  1. According to me, when a visitor sees the CommentLuv or Do-Follow logos in a blog, it gives him a bit of enthusiasm to post a comment. And being aware of the fact that a spam will be deleted, so he/she tries to find a good post when he/she can contribute something. So, this increase the page-view and reduces the bounce rate of the blog.
    As far as traffic is concerned, I don’t think CommentLuv will make any difference to it.

    1. I agree with you that CommentLuv and Do-Follow definitely spark enthusiasm for the comment poster and encourage them create comments that will give value to the post. Therefore, more comments of value will be added to the blog increasing traffic based on the valuable comments.

      1. In terms of traffic etc. I just wonder if anyone has thought of creating a CommentLuv directory…that might actually work ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. I feel that spam only comes in the names of people commenting, I rarely see coments that do not add value to a blog

      1. I completely agree with this, I have been cruising through this blog and all the comments seem legitimate. The only thing that stands out is the commenters names, and who cares!

  2. I would think that keywordluv brings in more traffic then commentluv. I think most people associate keywordluv with do follow links and not so much with commentluv.

    1. I disagree, have a look around this site there is tons of great comments because this is a do follow website

  3. commentluv can be beneficial, but it can also attracts the spammers. i am curious to find out what happens if you track the results for a longer period of time
    .-= wannabe´s last blog ..The Music Box =-.

  4. The increase in number of comments is something that worth it! Commentluv and keywordluv plugins are good for blogs, people will follow your blog with comments but beware of spams tooโ€ฆ.
    .-= UK Webmaster Forum´s last blog ..Domains of the future? =-.

  5. Pingback:
  6. Then, we can say commentLuv not helpful for traffic ? I just want to install
    .-= Forex Market´s last blog ..Commodities Trading, Crude Oil Futures Still Under Pressure =-.

  7. Thanks for sharing your findings. I haven’t seen a dramatic increase in traffic since I started using CommentLuv, but I do receive a little more spam. I don’t mind, though – I found a way to take advantage of spam comments ๐Ÿ™‚

    I have a little twist for the CommentLuv community. When I comment on someone’s blog and notice they are using CommentLuv, I try to use their keywords to, hopefully, give them a little extra weight in search engines!
    .-= David Smith | Epic Traffic Systems´s last blog ..Epic Traffic Systems Affiliates Sign Up Here =-.

    1. Talking about the ‘CommentLuv community’ does make a lot of sense. Perhaps, the onus should be on those of us who use the plugin to ensure that we develop a stronger bond that might eventually lead to a significant increase in traffic.

    2. But commentluv only applies to your recent post and and not your website . You website’s link might be nofollowed by the owner, which is case in most cases.

      1. I haven’t really tried KeywordLuv cos I think it may be quite similar to CommentLuv. May do so in future though.

  8. I like the concept of commentluv that it attracts bloggers of similar interests to encourage in positive discussion while effectively filtering out spammers. Also it’s a virtual guarantee that it will get counted by google as backlink because of the plugin is enabled. It also makes the links of every comment to have a standard format look and feel for easier navigation by the reader.

  9. I’m in love with KeywordLuv, every blog should have it! It feels good to leave your mark!

  10. I think both the KeywordLuv and CommentLuv are great plugins. They do encourage people to leave comments and increase readership.

    But the problem is getting quality comments as well as going through each comment to weed out those spammy ones. I suppose you will always have to take the good with the bad and make the best out of it.

  11. I don’t think it is a great traffic booster, but it is a way of showing respect to your bloggers, enabling them to leave a link to their own website. Recurring blog commenters would benefit from this, also the ones who just post one link and never return to your website again.

  12. I use CommentLuv, KeywordLuv, DoFollow and Top Commentator on all of my blogs, and I have to say that I have noticed quite an increase in visitors and people commenting on my blogs. Now this might have to do with the fact that I have all of these plugins installed; but I do believe that even just CommentLuv will make a difference, you will just have to wait a little whilst people get to know you have it. You will also have to make sure you have a good spam filter in place.

  13. @WMP, there is no guarantee that you will get quality comments by using these plugins or any other. It is just so unfortunate that a lot of Web administrators out there only care about backlinks ๐Ÿ™

  14. Using a month performance to determine the use of a dofollow plugin is very subjective and it depends upon visitor traffic and blog owner expectations. I would generally have it run for 3 to 4 months before determining it’s effectiveness. Also editorial discretion is necessary when you activate dofollow for spammy comments impact the reputation of your blog.

    1. Thanks for the contribution. Would be interesting to find out if running the plugin for up to 4 months would give a different result however, I totally agree that there are several factors that may contribute to the final result hence there could be significant differences in results from one blog to another. At present, making the comments dofollow as not really had a negative impact however, I wouldn’t stop anyone who has a bad experience from doing so from changing to nofollow.

  15. Thanks for using comment luv. I used to have trouble obtaining traffic on my site. If it weren’t for all of the spam I get, it would be perfect. Thank you again so much for the link.

  16. Commentluv gives you many advantages like increasing traffic by people interaction where you going to get a lot more unique ideas, views about your websites! From here it is going to help you do your stuff efficiently!

    I’m very fond of this kind of stuff and I enjoyed a lot, not only this post but also I also checked other posts that were really awesome!

    Keep it up!

  17. I have always assumed that plugins like Commentluv do a lot for increasing traffic to your site, but until now I have not seen anyone actually test that theory! In the end, I agree with your assessment, that it definitely does not hurt your traffic numbers, so why not install Commentluv… even if the increase is only marginal. ๐Ÿ™‚

  18. I think commentluv boosts search engine ranking alot,
    by providing dofollow linking to booth homepages and also inner pages this will make the site more popular and will make it rise in ranking

  19. Thanks for using comment luv. These wordpress plugins are fabulous. What more obvious way to help commentors on your website than giving them a backlink. Thanks again, and nice blog.

  20. I like what @Frans says, “it is a way of showing respect to your bloggers.” I think over time traffic does increase because of CommentLuv simply because you encounter bloggers whom you might never have interacted with if they were not a part of the ComLuv community.

    Even if people don’t immediately return, it is very likely they will come in contact with you again as you’re both sloshing around in a common part of the blogosphere.Vern

  21. @Vernessa “Even if people donโ€™t immediately return, it is very likely they will come in contact with you again…”

    True. And one way to get people to come back sooner is to include a way for commentors to easily subscribe to the post. This not only reminds them of your blog by email every time someone comments, but when they get back to your blog, they’ll be reminded that it uses CommentLuv.

    It’s a nice little circle!

    1. Hi David – Yes, it is a “nice little circle”!

      And your point about making it easy to subscribe to the post (or the comments) is well taken, too.

      Just yesterday, I saw a commenter ask a blog owner to install a “subscribe to comments” plugin. She immediately recognized the need for it, thanked the commenter, and by the time I visited, it was up and running!

      1. Great. I can only guess the blog you are referring too is a WP blog as plugins really does make implementing features such as “subscribe to comments” quick and easy.

  22. To really know if it was helping you bring in more traffic you probably would have been better to run it for several months to get a realistic idea.

  23. The funny thing is this:

    Though many of us are commenting that we are not gaining more traffic due to the CommentLuv plugin, many of us are commenting all the same. In other words, this blog seems to be doing okay okay with it!

    Good show Admin! Good show indeed! ๐Ÿ™‚

  24. I’ve just installed the CommentLuv plugin today.
    Will be conducting a similar test but for 3 moths just to see what happens.

    Have you, or any of your readers, tried KeywordLuv. If so, did you notice an increase in spam and irrelevant comments?

    Also, do you know if an increase in comments with outgoing links has a detrimental affect on pagerank?

    1. 3 months would be great. Do keep us posted on your results. Meanwhile, I haven’t tried KeywordLuv yet cos I think it is quite similar to CommentLuv. And as far as I know, increase in comments with outgoing links should not have any negative effect on your pagerank.

      1. Thanks for that. I’m just concerned because most SEO tips everywhere say that there should be more incoming links than outgoing. Not sure how it works with comments.
        But I’ll see what happens over the next 3 months.
        Thanks for replying.. ๐Ÿ™‚

        1. No worries Jay. At the end of the day one has to try and find the right balance with a bit of common sense ๐Ÿ™‚

  25. My experience has been the same as yours. I installed comment luv on a number of sites and did not find a substantial increase in traffic. However, I DO think in some cases it brings in a few people who ARE interested in the same subject matter as you which is at least targeted traffic, even if it isn’t on a large scale.

  26. Interesting. I added “comment luv” but not really for traffic reasons. It just seemed fair and it can add value to a comment.
    I tried to comment with the address of my blog in the website box but it was blocked by your spam filter. Please check your spam folder and mark it as non spam, otherwise I won’t be able to comment on your blog in the future.
    Askimet is not very reliable it seems :-/

    1. Thanks for your comment Mirabelle. Dealing with spam comments sometimes feel like being stuck btw a rock and a hard place. However, it is always important to have a anti-spam filter in place and obviously Akismet isn’t perfect but then which one is?

      1. Hey! Have you tried GrowMap AntiSpam Plugin (GASP) in addition to (or instead of) Askimet) for taming some of the spam? I’ve had excellent results using it along with CommentLuv. (It’s actually created by the CommentLuv developer.) It’s in the WordPress repository.


  27. I’ve been doing some research on getting more activity on blogs by using various plugsin like commentluv and some of the comment plugins. I’m haven’t been a fan of commentluv. What I think makes a big difference is what you have here. Great styling on your comments. If you did it yourself. Kudos. Having something easy to read and follow is most important to me. Also, I like to get notified of new comments (like you have). I get an email when there’s a new comment. Chances are, I won’t check the a post again to see if there were other comments / replies.

  28. Bit surprised that you didn’t get an increase in spam. I would have thought a genuine commenter wouldn’t worry about whether commentluv was installed or not, so I would have assumed that an increase in traffic would definitely bring an increase in spam.

  29. They say that adding commentluv may boost traffic because people usually search for commentluv blogs to drop down comments. Commentluv might add traffic not that much, we still need to do proper marketing on our blog to improve its traffic.

  30. I think Commentluv was made to make bloggers more “interactive”. It is a small way of thanking someone who has commented on your site. For me the most important thing for me is for people to learn something new from my blog, whether they comment or not. But of course, I’m happy when someone puts relevant comments on my posts.
    Thanks for sharing us your little experiment on Commentluv.

  31. Hey i am fan of CommentLuv!
    this plugin is awesome.Beneficent for both the blog owner and the reader.
    And it has enforced the spammers to change the attitude towards blogging and blog commenting.
    Every blog owner should utilize this..

  32. I really like CommentLuv for building links and have been doing this for a while. While in the process I came across another plugin (WordPress) called KeywordLuv.Great article,Iโ€™m just going to install the CommentLuv plugin on my blog.Hope it is helpful.
    Thanks again.

      1. To me, this is kind of a nobrainer especially for newer sites. It is a good trade off…

        Blog owner get’s lots of activity on site and the poster gets a good link. I think you will see a lot of improvement Jennifer.

  33. Havent come accross CommentLuv before – will do my research and give it a go. WIll check back in a few months and let you know how I get on – Brad.

  34. your result didn’t show the big advantage, may be visitor didn’t know about it.

    day by day its visitor are increasing so it will be the best tool to increase the visitor to site.

    It is USEFUL,

    It will Be Powerful.

  35. Its really a good offer. I love the Comment Luv plugin a lot and it has increased the traffic on my blogs after installing the plugin.
    I am looking for a text ads for 30 days. I hope it will bring some change to my site in terms of traffic and SERP.

  36. Its really a good offer. I love the Comment Luv plugin a lot and it has increased the traffic on my blogs after installing the plugin.

  37. I installed commentluv a month ago on one of my sites. So far I have not seen an increase in comments or traffic. I was thinking about writing a post announcing that I now have comment luv enabled. That might be helpful, too

    1. nett89 was saying it might take over a month to see results so you might just have that in mind. also, writing a post wouldn’t be a bad idea either. however, your readers should notice it in the comments section unless they don’t know what it is about. you may also consider adding your blog to the commentluv directory

  38. Every visitor and all type of users are considerable, its not always about making a huge difference. Webmaster should focus on every legal benefit. Commentluv is one the thing i that i appreciate the most about blogging.

  39. I too have had mixed results using commentluv. You still have to filter spam, but I find that it does generate conversations.

  40. Really awesome blog post. Iโ€™ve used comment luv on my site for a few weeks and Iโ€™ve found that people really like using it. It helps drive traffic to similar sites in our Seo niche.

  41. Really awesome blog post. Iโ€™ve used comment luv on my site for a few weeks and Iโ€™ve found that people really like using it.
    It helps drive traffic to similar sites in our Seo niche. Keep updating like that.

  42. CommentLuv is actually one of the best plug-ins to encourage more good comments. I am sure that as time goes on you will more benefits…

  43. As keywordluv lover I don’t particularly think that the plugin attracts more spam.
    It’s always good to double check the comments but it can’t be the reason why a blog would be full of spam.
    Actually could be good also to integrate another plugin I use which is called TanTanNoodles Simple Spam Filter that with Akismet can stop 99.9% of the junkie comments.

  44. Ok.. just read your results. I did read your ‘start of the test’ blog and I was very interested in seeing what you found. I have also tested this out and I believe that it doesn’t hurt to add this plug in. The potential for the benefit definitely outweighs the possible increase in spam. Thanks again for your test and insights.

      1. Spam is not a big deal as far as you can always deactivate the plugin. I think there should be the balance.
        Regards. Tanya

  45. Great little article on how it affected your website. Of course we should all probably take it with a grain of salt, but for new blogs trying to establish some traffic i think it would be a great tool to pick things up, even if it was just a little boost.

  46. i think the more blogs offer keywordluv, the more commenters will want to comment on blogs, in return growing the community, just like the webrings, ill scratch your back if you scratch mine ๐Ÿ™‚

  47. CommentLuv isn’t one of those magical plug-ins that help in extreme ways, like captcha codes or KeywordLuv, but it does have a purpose. It seems like one of those luxurious plug-ins for your regular readers. Would you say when building your site from scratch that you should install it or using this data that it’s not necessary?

    1. I wouldn’t advise you not to install it as it will definitely encourage one or two random visitors to your site to leave comments that they otherwise would not. It really wouldn’t do any harm.

  48. Thanks for this article. I just put up commentluv on my blog, which is brand new and i was kinda wondering if it actually did anything.

    Do you think your traffic would’ve grown anyway without the plugin? Meaning the natural growth and/or a well written article may have contributed to the growth vs. the plugin?

    1. When it comes to traffic, there are many contributing factors and nothing beats good quality content for me. Overall, commentluv is just a way of rewarding other bloggers etc, who leave comments on your articles.

  49. thanks for sharing your research results ๐Ÿ™‚

    I never installed CommentLuv believing it to be some kind of magic plugin to gain traffic. For me it’s kind of a reward for people to engage in conversation on my site’s articles. This way you can also always find content you wouldn’t have read otherwise.

  50. Hi there,
    definitely the plugin is worth to upload, but apart from that, good content is a must, otherwise you would have only posting webmasters on you blog.
    Many Thanks.

  51. When blogging, I am torn between coming up with new content and promoting it. Time is scarce, and I don’t spent much just reading random blogs.

    Seeing a link in my stats that brought visitors to my site though makes me curious.

    I have often been pleasantly reminded of a blog I visited a long time ago.

    1. Interesting comment. I suppose that the fact that you do click on some of those links means that it does kinda work then.

  52. I found that commentluv made no difference. We are new website (first three months). What we have found that drives traffic is to post articles that are abuzz in the news. For example…we spent two months writing over 30 articles and traffic seemed ok…I say this loosely because I am brand new and don’t really know what a new website should generate. So for first 2 months…we generated 15,000 hits. Then Bin Laden death story breaks and we do little tribute on our site for navy seals who performed those operations and boom….it generates over 50,000 hits in one day. One of the pictures in the bin laden article ranked number one in google images for navy seal team 6. So it still has people traveling to the site to read that article (about 1000 day still). Since the tribute story to navy seals has nothing to do with our website…it is distorting the numbers somewhat. So my experience is…don’t worry so much about pluggins so much..but rather take some risk on your content and maybe one of your articles will pop. If your looking for a pluggin that can truly increase traffic….i would recommend the facebook “like” pluggin as if the right person clicks they like your article and they have substantial facebook following…it could give you good bump in hits.

    1. Thanks for publishing your experience Carl. The results you got from writing on a trending topic, in this case the Nave seal team 6, is quite common but only results in occasional surge in traffic. Although, if you are lucky some visitors would be interested in your content and probably visit again. However, the problem most of us face is in keeping our readers and having contributors which to some extent commentluv might help with. Again, it all probably depends on your niche.

  53. I think commentluv does work because it makes people search the web more to share links, and in doing so, people find interesting site and blogs they can now follow.

  54. Nice results. I’ve had positive results with Commentluv as well so it doesn’t hurt to keep the plugin! Keep up the good work ๐Ÿ™‚

  55. I would like to experiment with commentluv and keywordluv. Could somebody post there success rates in terms of percentages?

    1. Hey its me again. I see there is no linkback to my site so im including this comment. Cheers hijacker ill be waiting for the results

  56. I think it do, lots of people we like to comment on a blog with commentluv, because of the double backlink. But some webmaster dont care about it.

    1. The thing you have to remember about blog readers is that they tend to be return readers. So if you manage to get them to your site, they may visit hundreds of times after.

  57. My blog is basically something for me to give my opinions on things that matters to me so I never really expect many hits but when I saw this plugin I thought why not give it ago and it seems to have mixed reviews.

    As I have only just found it I can’t comment myself but I will be interested to see what happens now I have added to my site. Not quite sure it will change it but I guess anything is worth ago.

  58. I think commentluv can really boosts site traffic. Many people loves to comment commentluv site because it is a dofollow and friendly to put your links into their site.

  59. I like Comment Luv. I wouldn’t say I’ve seen a huge boost in traffic because of it but I do appreciate that there is an active community using it and I like how much easier it makes commenting on posts you like.

  60. I think that the real advantage that ConLuve brings is the link back to your article. In terms of SEO looks to be quite useful.

  61. i agree with loana that the advantage of comluv can brings back to article.
    and i agree also of all the good comment bout comluv.

  62. I think my concern before using it on some of my sites was that it would increase spam. As you noted yourself it didn’t make much difference. A useful addition though I think.

  63. It kind of differs from blog to blog, i’m sure most bloggers get a boost in comments with commentluv, but for some reason you didn’t get the same results. A month may be too little to fully take advantage of the plugin, it would be interesting to see your statistics now.

  64. Commenting on blog posts and building up backlinks for your own site is a very effective SEO technique. I take the commentluv plugin as a mean to entice readers to comment on your blog which in turn benefits your own comments on othersโ€™ blog posts.

  65. It’s a small reward for posting a comment, hopefully bloggers will leave valuable comments.

    The long term problem is that if we all have commentluv then there is no advantage of commenting on one site over another and people will be looking for something bigger and better.

  66. Good post/experiment.
    There are some great tips in the comments here as well. Someone suggested to add the blog to the commentluv directory, if you haven’t done this yet then that would be a great idea.
    And someone else said to combine akismet with TanTanNoodles spam filter to keep out 99.9% of the spam.
    I think there are 2 kinds of spam. The worst one is automated spam, but that can be stopped or at least get filtered to a minimum. The second one is manual spam.
    I have seen some posts in here that look to me like manual spam. So it is a good thing to moderate all comments if that is possible (not tooooo many comments).

    But if you ask me CommentLuv would probably invite more manual spammers. Because they are here for the link so commentluv can lure them here.
    I believe it’s ok to comment somewhere mainly for the link. But at least try to add something to the conversation and not just write “Good post!” ” I agree with *” Or copy someones comment.
    There are so many blogs on the internet, there must be plenty of them that would interest you and will enable you to leave a thoughtful comment.

    I know this was not totally on topic but I think it’s still related.
    How is the usage of commentluv on your articles now? Seeing that we are quite a few months later you might have more data to analyze ๐Ÿ™‚

  67. I have a website small business site.But iam not able to get customers and my traffic is not high.I want to know how can i submit my website to the worlds search engines with low cost.

  68. Though commentluv doesn’t boost site traffic as such, in my opinion, it plays a major role in boosting the brand value of a site, which in turn leads to better traffic from referrals and so on in the future.

  69. Very Nice Artice. But actually I have come to your blog through google search while search for “commentluv”. I have watched that most of the blogs are using commentluv these days and thats really awesome. Anyway, I have go through your whole article and thats really nice. Thanks for such an interesting article sharing.

  70. I think that’s an accurate analysis. Most people are looking for blogs to comment on to gain a link – there’s nothing wrong with it, so long as you don’t spam and write those stupid ‘nice blog’ comments! Glad you’ve still got the plugin rockin!


  71. What are your thoughts on the new premium edition of CommentLuv that was just released? Do you plan on trying it? If so, do you think you can provide stats like you did in this post?

  72. Same here. I haven’t really noticed a difference in the number of commenters, but I do prefer the look of the IntenseDebate form (Comment Luv enabled, of course) to Blogger’s default comment box.

  73. Thanx for the review. This makes me to think twice before commentluv plugin. I will check more reviews in order to confirm.

  74. Thanx for the review. This makes me to think twice before buy the commentluv plugin. I will check more reviews in order to confirm.

  75. Hi..commentluv is to help other..the basic reason of increasing traffic here is that most webmaster look for commentluv blogs and they start commenting for backlinks..

  76. It is great to see that some have taken the time to actually measure the results. I’m a bit surprised that the number of spam comments hasn’t increased, but as you have noted most just visit one time to drop the link.

  77. I personally just started using CommentLuv and I am not sure of the results just as of yet. But I have to say that it is an interesting idea and certainly can help. I’m sure it can help alot more over time, maybe even more than what you would see in 2 months, but clearly it is going up for you. Maybe see what it is after 6 months time….but I do have to say I am glad someone tested it because I was wondering myself!

  78. I really do not think you have enough data as there are many other factors that may be talking play in this. I am not for or against commentluv.

  79. I’m another newbie to commentluv and found your review interesting. You wrote the post over a year ago, so I guess you must have found the plugin worthwhile over time to stick with it.

  80. I think the results from March and April are too soon to tell since it is just a very short period of time. I’m sure by now (after about 10 months) using CommentLuv, you already got a better picture of how this plugin had increased the number of comments in your blog ๐Ÿ™‚

  81. Well, if it were not for commentluv I would have never found your web site. That said, I wonder about the quality of the comments that commentluv generates. I have been trying to decide if it is worth adding into my blog, and I am starting to think that it is, since I have found a few good sites that are using it,and these are sites I would not have found otherwise.

  82. I concur with your conclusion. I think CommentLuv plug-in would still be beneficial to your website in the long run (maybe a month is still not enough to see significant results, but I found your site through CommentLuv!)

  83. From an SEO standpoint for those of us leaving comments/links, I think we all need to keep in mind the fact that if our links don’t look “natural”… e.g. hundreds of do-follow only comment-luv only links in a few days as opposed to a “natural” build up of no-follow and do-follow links with variety. Comment-luv is certainly one of many good tools to build trust in the eyes of google…

  84. Commentluv makes a blog a true discussion platform. People who share their opinions also get a chance to share their link that drives traffic to their blog. I’ve installed it in my blog as an add on to the IntenseDebate commenting system and finds it very useful in getting good comments.

  85. I run my CommentLuv as nofollow โ€“ which I think discourages the worst of the human spammers. Most annoying spam is robot spam as a site without protection can receive hundreds of these a day.

    The point of it though is that in order to grow your audience, that you go and place comments on Comment Luv sites. You run a site and youโ€™re into dancing. So you can look for both internet marketing and health/excersise comment luv sites to comment on.

  86. Before I thought that commenting was meant for doing backlinking and relationships with bloggers but now you made me think on it. Thanks for sharing this awesome information.

  87. I was using commentluv before but I remove it since there was no change in traffic. When I started using Disqus, spammers where significantly reduced.
    How come there are sites, despite using CommentLuv the links are still tagged as nofollow?

  88. I yet not give it a try however thinking about to buy it. few days ago I read a post that indicates me CommentLuv as a traffic booster plugin and this article was written by very popular blogger so I think it was true but now confused again. have to search more regarding that. anyhow thanks for this useful info.

  89. I too have had a decrease in spam…so much so that I would keep the plugin live just for that purpose.

    I can’t wait to set it up on my other couple of blogs too.

  90. I run my CommentLuv as nofollow โ€“ which I think discourages the worst of the human spammers. Most annoying spam is robot spam as a site without protection can receive hundreds of these a day.Thanks lot of shearing your great post .

  91. I just started using CommentLuv so it’s too early to draw conclusions for me but what I am finding are several sites that I am bookmarking and coming back to.

    I started using it to get visitors and make a point of visiting a few each day. It’s a longer term strategy and as long as I don’t obsessively focus on it or spend too much time searching for and commenting, it seems viable.

    I’m using the free version and will consider the paid version if the stats look good.

    Thanks for posting your findings!

  92. I do think that comment luv helps with back links. Does it drive more traffic, Its hard to say. Don’t you just love seeing the hard shape symbol next to your featured article. You have a featured article that is being presented on someones blog site. I think thats good advertisement.

  93. The results looks fair as it would take some time for your site to get noticed since you changed to commentluv. I’m also doing a similar test in my blog and it’s definitely helping in ranking better.

  94. I think you may need to give the effects to show up a bit more time as many of us are specifically looking for comment luv blogs and the longer you are listed on the search engines combined with the number of blog posts will certainly give you a strong basis of comparison. I am not surprised that spamming has not increased as the spammers are there and they aren’t going to necessarily increase as most bloggers moderate their comments and the spammers tend to go where they are most successful. J

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