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REVIEW: What Is A DVI Splitter?

If you work as a professional in the computer services industry you probably have had to connect a single PC or MAC to more than one monitor. A DVI video splitter makes this possible when the computer has only a single DVI video port.

A DVI splitter is sometimes called a DVI distribution amplifier because it amplifies the signal so it isn’t degraded while travelling down the cable. These splitters offer excellent image quality up to 1920 x1200. These devices also enable you to display the same image from a single DVI source to multiple digital video DVI displays.

Different Model Types

  • 2 Port DVI Video Splitter with Audio HDCP Compliant
  • DVI Splitter 2 Port Supports DVI-D Single Link Video
  • DVS-102C 2 Port DVI extender Splitter over Cat5e/6 Cable up to 300FT
  • 4 Port DVI Video Splitter with Audio HDCP Compliant
  • DVI Splitter 4 Port Supports DVI-D Single Link Video
  • DVS2PS SmartAVI 2 Port DVI splitter
  • DVS-200S DVI extender Splitter over CAT6 STP Cable, 2 Ports
  • 4 Port UTP DVI splitter Extender Transmitter
  • VDA-1 Thinklogical DVI splitter DVI-D Single Link 2 Ports
  • DVS-400S DVI extender Splitter over CAT6 STP Cable, 4 Ports
  • DVI splitter 2 Port supports DVI-I Single Link Video
  • VDA-2 Thinklogical DVI splitter DVI-D Single Link 4 Ports
  • VDA-3 Thinklogical DVI splitter DVI Dual Link 2 Ports
  • DVS4PS SmartAVI 4 Port DVI splitter
  • DVI splitter 4 Port HDCP Compliant 1U Rackmount
  • DVI splitter 5 Port supports DVI-I Single Link Video
  • DVS8PS SmartAVI 8 Port DVI splitter
  • 4 Port Optical DVI splitter Extender
  • DVI splitter 8 Port supports DVI-D Single link video

Benefits of using a DVI Video Splitter

Connecting two or more monitors to a PC or MAC is almost a defacto standard demanded by users in the financial markets, medical and military sectors. However, one of the most frequent applications for using digital video DVI splitter or a vga splitter unit is in the computer server room. You can cascade multiple splitters together to form a large matrix of multiple digital video DVI monitors.

These units support DDC2B protocol on output port 1 which means DVI output port one is the main connection and all the other output ports follow the main DVI display connected to port one.

What to look for when purchasing A DVI splitter

HDCP Compliance

Why is having an HDCP compliant DVI splitter important? New generation products such as high-definition DVD and Blu-Ray devices are being designed to use the HDCP protocol. HDCP stands for High-Bandwidth Digital Content Protection. This is a copy protection protocol designed to eliminate the possibility of intercepting digital data midstream between the source and the receiving display. This protection is critical for protecting data transmissions.

Compatibiliy with HDCP scheme such as DVD players, satellite and cable

HDTV set-top-boxes, as well as few gaming PCs require a secure connection to a compliant display. If the transmitting or receiving device is not HDCP compliant the video signals will be unreadable. Also, higher resolution output at 720p/1080i/1080p will be available only on digital connections that employ HDCP encryption. Any new HDTV purchase should have a digital HDCP compatible input.

Official Certification such as CE, FCC, and RoHS compliance

Depending on the type of host connection you may need to select a video splitter that is DVI-D Single Link, DVI-I single link, DVI-D Dual link, and Cat5e/Cat6 DVI splitter units.

What about support? When you buy your video splitter will you be able to talk to someone if you need help or will you just have to read the instructions. Buy from a US company offering real technical support.

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