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Review of Is it Useful for Bloggers and Writers? is a good tool that you can use for your paraphrasing needs.

Nowadays, writers and bloggers have a ton of work to do. When it comes to writers, they have to write a large number of words daily to meet the requirements set by their clients. On the other hand, bloggers have to do everything from writing their content to optimizing their blogs and whatnot.

To get help in their various endeavor,s, bloggers, and writers can take help from, a popular paraphrasing tool that comes equipped with advanced AI algorithms.

In this review, we are going to be looking at the working of this tool, its features as well as why it is useful for bloggers and writers.

What is

Given the name of this platform and the tools that it provides, it’s somewhat important to clear up what actually is. is, in the strictest of senses, a paraphrasing tool. If you enter this domain into the search bar, you will land directly on the paraphrasing tool. However, despite that, there are some other tools available on this website as well. For example, there is a plagiarism checker, a summarizer, and so on. We won’t be looking at all of those. Rather, we will be sticking to only the paraphrasing tool.

Another alternative paraphraser that not only matches but also surpasses the features of is called It offers eight paraphrasing modes.

These modes include the ‘Free Rewriter’, ‘Text Improver’, ‘Near Human’, ‘Plagiarism Remover’, ‘Creative’, ‘Academic’,‘ Quill Text’, and ‘Sentence Rephraser’. You can paraphrase up to 20,000 characters at a time in each mode.  There is also an option to rewrite any unsuitable sentence in the paraphrased text just by clicking on it.

So, while we are discussing here, you have an additional option in the form of which is one step ahead in terms of the versatility of the features.

With that cleared up, let’s move on to look at the tool itself.

Review of

The User Interface and Loading Times

This is probably the first thing that we noticed – and probably what every other user notices – when we landed on the website. With an internet speed of around 81 Mbps, the page took less than a second to load. Although it sounds insignificant, this less loading time can be a major deal maker for a lot of users. Especially for bloggers and writers – who have limited time on their hands – a loading time of less than a second (with the right speeds) can play a part in the improvement of overall productivity.

Next comes the user interface.

Okay, so for free users, the user interface of Paraphraser is straight-up uncomfortable. There are large ads displayed around the screen, which impede the input boxes and the peripheral options. We say ‘for free users’ because the ads go away if you buy a paid plan and become a premium member.

Features of

Now, let’s move on to look at the plethora of features that are provided by this tool.

Multiple Modes

This is probably the first thing that you will see on the tool page, and it’s probably one of the most impressive features as well.

There are a total of six modes that you can use with Paraphraser. Three of them are free, and three of them are available only to paid users. Here are the names of those modes:

  • Fluency
  • Standard
  • Word Changer
  • Creative
  • Smarter
  • Shorten

The last three are only for paid users.

Multiple Languages

This is also a good perk that you can enjoy with this tool. There are multiple languages that you can pick from when using this tool. Some of those include:

  • Espanol
  • Norwegian
  • German
  • Portuguese

And the list goes on. There are more than 20 in all.

The good thing about these languages is that when you select one of them, the entire interface of the tool changes. You can then see the options in the same language. You can see it in the image below:

We chose Japanese. As a result, the text on the button, as well as the labels o the modes were all changed to Japanese.

File Uploads

If you want to save time importing your text to this tool, you can use the file-uploading feature and fetch one directly from your local storage. When we checked this feature, we got the option to upload formats such as .docx and even .pdf.

This is a useful feature for bloggers and writers since they have to deal with the bulk of their content in such file formats. Using this feature, they can import their files directly and save themselves the hassle of copy-pasting the text directly.

So, these are the features that you can use before starting thSome other features only become visible after the process is complete. Let’s take a look at some of those now. Mind you, we will be looking at the actual working and results of this tool later on, but right now, we’re going to look at the post-processing features.

Word Count

So, the word count showed before the processing. We’re just mentioning it here because we didn’t want to reiterate it.

The word count is shown at the bottom left corner of the input and output boxes.

Clear, Download and Copy Buttons

These are probably the most useful options that writers and bloggers can use after the process is completed.

  • With the Clear option, the entire input field will be wiped clean, and you can enter content there.
  • With the Download option, the output will be downloaded to your device in the .doc format.
  • With the Copy button, you can copy the output text to the clipboard.

Integrated Tools

This is also an option that you can use once the tool ends processing the text and provides the output click on any of the three buttons i.e., Summarize, Check Plag, and Grammar to open up the respective tools.

The only difference is that if you open these tools by clicking on the buttons, the text in the output box of the paraphraser will automatically be imported to the input box of the opened tools.

Chat Support

This is yet another useful feature that you can use quite pleasantly surprisingly. Live chat support is not something that you can find on just about any other tool on the internet, and it’s good to see that offers it.

And it’s not just a feature. Does it work? There are people available to answer queries around the clock. Here, we had a little conversation with them to check out how useful the feature was and it turned out pretty well.

Working and Accuracy

Now that we’re done with the features let’s take a look at how well this tool works to change the entered text. We will use a couple of different pieces of text with different modes to find out how well the tool works.

Test # 1: Using the Fluency Mode

Here is the text that we will be using for this test:

“The seven chipmunks ate the nine nuts whilst being blissfully unaware of the fact that nine is not dividable by seven.”

Here is how the output was given:

In the output, you can see that the tool smartly changed the words “whilst being blissfully unaware of” to “without knowing”.

Let’s move on to the next test. For this one, we will be using a premium mode:

Test # 2: Using the Smarter Mode

Since we want to test the capability of this tool, we will give it a tougher sentence to tackle in this test. Here is the sentence that we will be using this time around:

“The depreciation in the value of the humectant Veronique cuisine culminated in the wholesale abandon of fancy restaurants along the edges of the boulevard.”

Frankly speaking, the output provided by the tool is pretty smart, and it sure fits the name of the mode.

Although the tool had some trouble understanding the word “Veronique,” it still edited the rest of the text accurately.

Judging from the two outputs given above, we can say that Paraphraser is a very smart tool, and it can accurately rephrase the content you give it. However, if you want to get the best out of it, it’s recommended to buy the premium plans.

Pros and Cons

Before we give this review a wrap, let’s take a look at its pros and cons.


  • Free to start
  • Comes with a generous 600-word limit for free users
  • Has an easy-to-navigate interface
  • Comes with multiple modes and languages
  • Provides smart results


  • An ad-heavy page for free users
  • The good modes are available only for paid users

Pricing Plan

Here are the pricing details of

Final Thoughts is a good tool that you can use for your paraphrasing needs. It’s free to start, and it provides fairly intelligent results. It also comes with a battery of useful features and is available as a downloadable app for Mac, iOS, Android, and Windows.

All in all, we’d say that is worth trying, and you should give it a go. Plus, since the tool is free, there isn’t much that you have to think about.

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