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REVIEW: Firefox F1 Extension

Using plugins, add-ons, extensions and toolbars are some of the most popular ways of sharing Web links and pages on the Internet. While these tools are commonly used by Web users today, Mozilla Messaging group has created a new extension called the F1, because it argues that people are tired of seeing several share-this buttons either above or below the Web content. As such, the F1 extension’s goal is to make it easier for people to share content around the social Web by reducing possible confusion and distractions around existing tools.

firefox f1 add-on

The F1 uses an all-in-one share frame (formula) above Web content so that a connected user can activate the share function that is represented by a single, tiny icon, somewhere in the toolbar. However, at the moment it is designed to make sharing Web pages on the likes of Twitter, Facebook and Gmail possible in a single click. This means that Web users and publishers alike do not have to see or provide several share buttons and users, already on social networks, do not have to connect their social accounts and login credentials to various Websites across the Web.

Unfortunately, the Firefox F1 only works with Mozilla Firefox and in the real world, not every Internet user uses the Firefox browser. However, Mozilla hopes that the extension will resonate with users and provide a new and more personalised way of sharing links across the Web.

VERDICT: While the idea is fantastic, the fact that only three services i.e. Twitter, Facebook and Gmail, can use it at the moment for reasons such as popularity and OAuth implementation, could limit its acceptance and popularity among Firefox users.

Interested publishers who want to experiment with the feature can visit the F1 Wiki for more details. Other users can download and Install F1 Add-On here.

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